La Union

La Union

Antigua, Guatemala

The Spanish Language Schools in Antigua incorporate individual lessons with home stays and it cost roughly $1,000 (+ airfare) for a month of immersed language training.
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Accommodations: Homestay
Cost: Low roughly $1,000 (+ airfare)
Availability: 5
Program Type: Language school
Language: Spanish
Available Subjects: spanish
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Chelsey Gates, Bio-Chemistry, Spanish Language School in Summer 2015

“The experience has been an incredible journey and not one part of me wants to leave this place.  The people are so nice, and the views here are amazing.  This experience has already taught me so much independence and even taught me a lot about myself.  I definitely recommend Antigua as a first time travel experience for students because of its sense of security and amazing host families.  The Spanish teachers are fantastic and I am learning so much!”

Garret O’Connell, Spanish Language School in Summer 2015

“Antigua has to be one of the best places to begin learning Spanish and the people are equally as nice as any Canadian. La Union is an incredible school for students of all levels of Spanish, in a single week I was able to begin holding entire conversations with the host family and to teachers. The best part of Antigua has to be its immense variety of breads ranging from chocolate filled croissants to cheese/meat breads.”