Acrive Youth Organization

Acrive Youth Organization

Lilongwe, Malawi

The AYO strives to improve the health and nutrition of children under-five—especially HIV/AIDS orphans—in Kauma Village through the provision of daily nutritious meals and health education to their families. The AYO works in three communities within Kauma Village (KV). KV is an informal settlement of approximately 28 000 people, of which about 5000 are under the age of five. Owing to its existence as an informal settlement, government funding to KV is limited, despite the striking poverty within this community.

The AYO operates three care Centres as daycare facilities. Each day (Monday through Friday), the children are given nutritionally enriched porridge that specifically targets micronutrient and protein deficiencies. The organization has five care volunteers at each facility for a total of 15 caregivers. It also has a volunteer board of directors and 5-10 volunteer staff members who support programming.

AYO partners with Feed the Children, an international NGO which supplies the Vitameal (porridge) to feed the children daily. The AYO has an office in the heart of Kauma Village and three separate buildings for the children. Currently, the only program offered is the daycare/feeding program, which has successfully run since 2007 on a volunteer basis.

Availability: 2
Program Type: Internship
Language: English
Available Subjects: anthropology , business and entrepreneurship , computer science , education , economics , health sciences , international development studies , kinesiology and sports sciences , nursing , political science , psychology , sociology , leadership


Sari Lomax, Nursing, worked with the Active Youth Organization in Kauma Village to promote healthy habits and advancing nutrition for children under 5 years of age.