Benefits of studying abroad

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live what you learn, and experience first-hand the places and cultures you read about in your textbooks. If you are not sure if studying abroad is for you, read below about all the benefits that come with spending a term or a year abroad:

Personal growth

thailandStudying abroad is a rewarding and eye-opening experience. A term abroad is personally and academically maturing. Being away - really away - from your friends and family is exciting and fascinating, as you are learning how to live in a new culture and adapting to new surroundings. Being immersed in a new culture can be a life-changing adventure, and returned students usually have increased self-confidence, they know themselves and their capabilities better, and have justifiable pride in their accomplishments from living abroad.

Travel while you learn

Past students have had wonderful experiences through the Student Abroad Program from Australia to France to China all while studying and earning credits towards their UNB degree. Students return home with adventures, new international friends, self-confidence and academic credits for courses taken abroad.

Boost your employability

In today's global economy, cross-cultural competence and cultural adaptability are in high demand, particularly when employers make decisions about hiring and promotions. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live what you learn and experience first-hand the places and cultures that you read about in your text books.

Learn a new language

Students going to - or traveling around in - non-English speaking countries furthermore learn the practical importance of learning and using a different language. If you have some abilities in French, Spanish or German for instance, studying in a country where those languages are spoken will help you become more fluent and more confident in your language abilities.

Even if you don’t have language skills beyond English, you will be fine travelling to places where English in not the first language. Our partner universities offer courses in English, so all your class mates will speak English. And as a native English speaker, many international students will seek you out for your English skills!

Gain a new perspective on world affairs

The time spent outside of Canada is instrumental in broadening your horizons and understanding of international, political and economic issues. Living in a country means learning first-hand about how other cultures and countries handle everyday's tasks and challenges, which can challenge your perceptions of life in Canada.

Enhance your career

In today's global economy, cross-cultural competence and cultural adaptability are in high demand, particularly when employers make decisions about hiring and promotions. Only about 1-2% of Canadians study abroad, so being able to speak about this opportunity will make you stand out from your competition for a job or Graduate/Profession School.

Having an international experience may boost your employability after graduation. Employers know that students who have lived abroad have developed cross-cultural communication skills, resilience, knowledge of other cultures and world affairs as well as the ability to adapt to new circumstances and deal with international and cultural differences.

londonChallenge yourself

Academically you will have the chance of taking courses at partners who are offering courses that you are unable to take at UNB Fredericton. this could mean a great competitive advantage to you upon graduation or upon applying to graduate school. You will also have a chance to experience academic life at institutions much bigger then UNB and a chance to experience a different academic system.

Build an international network

All our partners welcome a large number of exchange students from all over the world. During the first few weeks, you will get to know many of them, and they will become your best friends. After the term or the year abroad, you will have friends in many places of the world and they will be part of your international network.

Travel and see the world

During your time abroad, you will be able to travel to interesting places. Past students have celebrated new year's in Paris, visited the Sound of Music tour in Switzerland, toured the many sights in Rome, biked in Cambodia and Malaysia, cheered on the Canadian Olympic team during the Italy Olympics and lots of similar experiences. A number of student abroad students catch the travel bug during their term abroad, and travel again after graduation - either to work internationally see more of the world and visiting their friends from their academic term abroad.