Efficient Grading Feedback with Crowdmark Hands-on Session-FR

Event Date(s):
February 07, 2020
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Event Details:

Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading platform that can greatly enhance grading, feedback, redistribution and record-keeping for tests, assignments, essays, multiple choice tests, group exams, etc.

It's useful for large and small classes alike. It allows work to be graded anywhere and anytime. It features comment libraries for regularly-used comments, management and oversight of teams of graders, tagging of problems. It eliminated the need to hand back hard copies as students receive their marked-up work directly via email. The grading process itself is sped up due to the lack of paper shuffling. After a very successful pilot in 2018-19, UNB has renewed the license for 2019-20 across all units and both campuses.

This session will be facilitated by Emily Clark, CETL Instructional Designer (Educational Technology).

In this hands-on session, you will learn:

  • How Crowdmark can make grading more efficient and improve the feedback you provide.
  • How to setup a Crowdmark account.
  • How to import your classlist into Crowdmark
  • How to create assessments.
  • How to grade and return feedback.

Please bring your laptop or contact Emily Clark if you would like to borrow one.

Building: Marshall d'Avray Hall

Room Number: 249


Nancy Fitzpatrick
1 506 453 4645