CETL Hosts - Understanding Mindsets-FR

Event Date(s):
February 26, 2015
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

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Are you witnessing low persistence and a general lack of motivation among your students? Perhaps you’ve been teaching a course for a long time, but suddenly students are just not picking up what you’re laying down. You’ve adjusted grading, modified your syllabus, given them more of your time; you’ve even gone digital for them, etc. The real solution to this problem starts with an understanding of today’s learner: it is someone who has been groomed into having a “fixed mindset” - and it's one of the biggest obstacles facing post-secondary educators today. This session describes the concept of "learned helplessness” and how it relates to motivation. Participants will be exposed to strategies that help promote a more growth-oriented mindset among today’s millennial students.

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Building: Carleton Hall

Room Number: 104


Nancy Fitzpatrick
1 506 453 4645