Common Reading Series on Academic Advising Fredericton-FR

Event Date(s):
March 13, 2014
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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A bi-weekly “Common Reading Series on Academic Advising” is being hosted by the Academic Advising Office (Fredericton) in March & April!

The series starts March 12 and concludes the week of April 7. Each week will feature a new article and the program will be repeated twice each week so you can come to the session that better fits your schedule.

This Common Read Series includes reading and discussing scholarly research that addresses the concept of “academic advising as teaching and learning.” The following articles will form the basis of our dialogue, and can be accessed by registering for the Common Read “course” on Desire2Learn (under “Free Courses” after you login).

1. March 12 @ 12:30pm to 1:30pm | March 13 @ 10am to 11am
Tilley Hall, room 28

Lowenstein, Marc. (2005). If Advising is Teaching, What Do Advisors Teach? NACADA Journal, 25(2), 65-73.

2. March 24 to 28 – Hemwell, Martha & Kent Trachte (2005). Academic Advising as Learning: 10 Organizing Principles, NACADA Journal 25(2), 74-83.

3. April 7 to 11 – Melander, E.R. (2005). Advising as Educating: A Framework for Organizing Advising Systems NACADA Journal 25(2), 84-91.

Days & Times for the second & third readings will be announced shortly.

Read more on Common Reading from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Need more info?
Questions and feedback can be directed to Neil Cole, Academic Advising Support Coordinator:
• 506-458-7603
• Marshall d’Avary Hall, 244

Details are posted on Desire2Learn, as well.

Building: Tilley Hall

Room Number: 28


Neil Cole
1 506 458 7603