Step One: Use the ETD Templates

The ETD process offers students helpful and versatile templates, formatted, and structured to the standards and guidelines of the School of Graduate Studies. Though the templates are optional, it is recommended that they are used.

Available Templates

The following template formats are available for download. Note that the templates from the older versions of Word must be downloaded by right-clicking and selecting download.

Please make sure you download the correct version to avoid compatability issues.

Windows: MS Word 2007 and 2010 template:

Download template here

Mac OS: MS Word 2008 and 2011 template:

Download template here

LaTeX template:

Download template here

Note: UNB only provides technical support for Microsoft Word versions of the template.

Note: Some departments and GAUs have particular stylistic requirements that might be slightly different than the template. You are advised, therefore, to check with your supervisor prior to presentation of the final manuscript. If you do need to modify a particular formatting style to suit your faculty's requirements, feel free to do so.

Template Manuals

The following template manuals are available:

Word Template Help

The Training Resources page includes an online version of our Word 2007 Template manual.

Also available is a guide to common issues or problems you may run into with the Word templates.

If you need any additional assistance with the Word templates, please visit the contact us page.

LaTex Template Help

UNB does not have official technical support for LaTeX software; however, there are valuable resources located at the official website:

In addition, a general FAQ on LaTex can be found at and you can also sign up for the Tex User's group at Please contact your supervisor if you have any further questions.

RefWorks Help

Please be advised that the UNB Libraries' subscription to RefWorks will expire August 2017 and will not be renewed.

For information on available alternatives and content migration, please visit the RefWorks guide on the library website for product comparisons, video tutorials, and other assistance.