The Four Steps

Note: It is recommended to go through the Training section before using the templates.

Step One: Use the ETD templates

The UNB ETD program gives students the option to use helpful and versatile thesis/dissertation templates (Microsoft Word and LaTeX), which are formatted and structured based on the standards and guidelines of the School of Graduate Studies.

Step Two: Submit Drafts For Review

The File Drop application is a simple file-sending tool for students, faculty, and staff who have a UNB account that is great for projects that are very large in size or that exceed size limits for email attachments.

Step Three: Convert to PDF

A PDF version of the final copy of your thesis or dissertation is required for deposit in UNB's digital repository, UNB Scholar.

Step Four: Submit final version to UNB Scholar

UNB Scholar is a digital repository created to capture, archive, and distribute the University's electronic research records, such as theses and dissertations. It is also a way to permanently preserve your work and be immediately accessible online. Browse through existing theses and disserations here.

IMPORTANT: The Regulations and Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Graduate Master's Theses, PhD Dissertations, and Reports from the School of Graduate Studies should be read and understood by anyone electing to submit their theses/dissertation electronically.

Work Flow

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the four steps, please go to our contacts page for specific enquiries.