Notice: Please be advised that beginning September 2019, the ETD program website will be undergoing extensive revisions and updates to its content and documentation. Please refer to this notice periodically for progress updates.

What is the Electronic Theses & Dissertations process?

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. You can start at any stage of your thesis development.

The process

  1. Use the preformatted Microsoft Word templates
  2. Use UNB's File Drop app to send and receive files
  3. Convert final copies into PDF
  4. Submit final copies electronically

Click here to start the ETD process

Benefits and Goals

Some of the student benefits of the ETD program include:

  • The writing and review process is more efficient for students, allowing them to focus more on their content rather than spend countless hours of formatting their documents
  • More academic exposure for the student's work
  • Immediate online presence

There are dozens more reasons for students to choose the ETD process. To read about them, navigate to our Why ETDs? section.

The goals of the UNB program are those of the broad ETD initiative and include: for universities to learn how to unlock the potential of their intellectual property and productions; for graduate education to improve through more effective sharing; for technology and knowledge sharing, as graduate research results become more readily and more completely available; for graduate students to learn about electronic publishing and digital libraries, applying that knowledge as they engage in their research and build and submit their own ETD; for universities to learn about digital libraries, as they collect, catalog, archive, and make ETDs accessible to scholars worldwide. To Learn more about the history and goals of ETDs, click here for the wikibook page.


Please contact Rob Glencross or visit our Training section and contacts page for help on specific topics.

The UNB ETD program is a collaboration between the Centre for Digital Scholarship at UNB Libraries, the Graduate Student Association, the School of Graduate Studies, and ITS.