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Spaces on campus

We will update spaces on campus information as we adapt and prepare for fall term.

Keeping our UNB community safe is a shared responsibility. We will continue to follow the advice and guidance of New Brunswick Public Health.

Health and safety requirements

Workspaces, lecture theatres, classrooms and kitchenettes that remain open for use will have room-specific operational health and safety requirements:

  • Face masks will continue to be required for the beginning of fall term.
  • Self-screening posters will be placed at all entrances.
  • Hand sanitizing or hand washing is recommended when entering or leaving the space, and before and after any location or activity change.
  • Shared equipment, devices and appliances should be sanitized before and after each use.
  • To ensure physical distancing, furniture is not to be moved or relocated in rooms.

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Lecture theatres and classrooms

  • Sanitizing materials will be available in the spaces and are the responsibility of the building faculty.
  • Entry and exit will be through different doors unless the classroom only has one door in which entry and exiting will adhere to physical distancing when possible.
  • Personal protective equipment and plexiglass barriers installed in classrooms and offices will remain in place for the beginning of fall term.
  • Do not move or relocate chairs within the room.

Study spaces

Study spaces that adhere to physically distancing guidelines have been set up on both campuses. Wi-fi is available on UNB campuses.

In Fredericton, study space is available in the library and the Student Union Building (SUB). Study spaces will be evaluated and adjusted as needed.

  • Book your preferred type of study space in UNB Libraries using the booking system.
  • Study spaces are available in the SUB on a first come, first served basis. Face masks must be worn in the SUB and may only be removed when eating or drinking while seated at your station.

In Saint John, study space is available in the Hans. W. Klohn Commons (HWK) library as well as classrooms that are not being used for teaching. All posted rules and New Brunswick Public Health requirements apply to drop-in classroom space. Study spaces will be evaluated and adjusted as we transition to fall term.

  • Book your preferred type of study space at HWK Commons using our online booking system or contact at
  • Breakout rooms in Hazen Hall and Ganong Hall are available for pre-booking by selecting UNB Bookings on the myUNB portal launch menu. Log in with your UNB credentials and follow the directions posted on the page.
  • Drop-in study spaces are available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Ward Chipman 31 and Oland Hall 206. QR codes are posted on the door. You are required to scan the QR code using your mobile device to support New Brunswick Public Health contact tracing. Face masks are required in the drop-in computer labs.
  • See additional study spaces available at UNB Saint John.

Food services

Limited spaces on campus where the UNB community can eat and drink are available throughout the summer. Food services on campus will be evaluated and adjusted as we transition to fall term.


We will direct traffic through our buildings by using directional signage on doors, walls and floors. Always remember to look for markings denoting the traffic flow and follow these directions.

Directional patterns ensure movement within and between buildings and altering one space can impact others. To maintain the safety of students, faculty and staff, do not alter the directional signage in any way.