Privacy notice

1. Accountability: The University of New Brunswick (“UNB”, “us”, “our”, “we”) is accountable for the personal information you provide to us, and we have put measures in place to ensure your information is secure. Information related to your COVID-19 vaccination and testing status is collected in accordance with UNB’s COVD-19 Testing Policy, the UNB Policy for the Protection of Personal Information and Privacy, the New Brunswick Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and AppAmor’s privacy policy. We are committed to transparency and openness with respect to our data collection and privacy practices. It is important that you read through this privacy notice to understand how your personal data is handled and how we protect your privacy.

2. Information Collected: UNB will collect the following information related to your COVID-19 vaccination directly from you: an image of your COVID-19 vaccine record and COVID-19 vaccine type(s) and dose date(s). UNB will collect the following information related to COVID-19 testing results directly from you: an image of your COVID-19 test result, the date of your test, and the test result. Please note that if you are determined to be fully vaccinated as currently defined by Health Canada, you will be exempt from having to undergo regular COVID-19 testing and we will not collect any personal health information related to COVID-19 testing.

Personal information including your first name, last name, phone number, and email is transferred from UNB’s central authentication system (CAS), Colleague, to AppArmor. If we do not have your name, phone number, and email address in our CAS, then we will collect this information from you directly in the UNB Safe app when you submit your vaccination information and/or test results.

In the event you do not wish to or are unable to submit your information electronically through the UNB Safe app, we will collect the information through other means, such as in person.

3. Purpose of Collection and Use of Information: UNB will only collect your personal information, including personal health information, if applicable, for legitimate purposes. This includes verifying your proof of vaccination and assessing subsequent COVID-19 testing results, if required, in accordance with UNB’s COVID-19 Testing Policy. The purpose of collecting this information is to help keep the university community safe and contribute to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and its variants based on recommendations from New Brunswick Public Health (“Public Health”). Your information may also be used to assess self-isolation and other planning in the event of an outbreak, or a suspected COVID-19 case on campus. We are limiting the collection of personal information and personal health information, if applicable, to the minimum amount of data to keep our campuses safe. At no time will we use your personal information for any other purpose.

4. Consent: Before submitting your vaccination information and/or COVID-19 test information you will be required to provide consent for UNB to collect, use and disclose your personal information related to your COVID-19 vaccination status and COVID-19 test results, if applicable. If you submit your vaccination and/or testing information through the UNB Safe app, you are also required to provide consent to AppArmor. Your expressed consent will be obtained through the UNB Safe app before you submit your vaccination and/or testing information. If you do not consent to the collection and use of your personal information, do not submit your information.

5. Disclosure: UNB may share de-identified and aggregate data with Public Health with respect to COVID-19 test results and vaccination statuses. There may also be times where we may be required to share your vaccination status and/or COVID-19 test result(s) with Public Health in the event of an outbreak or a suspected COVID-19 case to develop a coordinated response plan. Otherwise, UNB and AppArmor will not disclose your data with any third parties unless compelled by law or if we have your consent. Within UNB, your personal information will only be shared with UNB employees on a need-to-know basis who are required to have access to the information to carry out their job duties.

6. Accuracy: It is important that the data you provide to us is complete and accurate. AppArmor provides a simple user interface through the UNB Safe app, along with validation statements to ensure proper information entry. The UNB Safe app integrates with UNB’s enterprise information system to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) which confirms your identity and auto-fills certain form fields, such as your name, thus reducing data input errors. If you need to correct your personal information, please contact us at (if you are a student) or (if you are faculty or staff).

7. Safeguards: AppArmor and UNB have entered into a contract which identifies a number of security safeguards that are implemented to protect your data and privacy. These safeguards also meet the requirements regulations and law regarding the collection, transmission and storage of personally identifiable and personal health information data.

8. Data Retention: Our data collection practices align with the principle of limiting retention. Once your vaccination information is verified by an authorized UNB employee the following data is automatically deleted and no longer retained: any image of vaccine records, dose date(s) and vaccine type(s). The only information retained is whether you are fully vaccinated, and this information will be retained for the length of time as directed by Public Health and in accordance with UNB policy. In the event you require regular COVID-19 testing and have submitted COVID-19 test results to us, we will retain your data related to COVID-19 testing in accordance with UNB’s retention timeline for this data.

9. Openness: UNB and AppArmor are committed to transparency with regard to your data. To that end, we've created this privacy policy to outline our practices for handling your personal data and have provided options for you to contact us for more information, as outlined below. Both UNB and AppArmor are happy to address your concerns regarding privacy, data collection and storage.

10. Individual Access: If you would like to see what data AppArmor has collected about you, it can be requested by visiting Select "Other" and then submit your request. If you would like to request the personal information that UNB may hold about you, submit an access to information request.

11. Contact: If you have questions or concerns AppArmor's privacy practices, you may email them at If you have concerns about UNB’s privacy practices or any questions related to privacy at UNB, you may email the UNB Records Management & Privacy Office, a division of the University Secretariat, at