Graduate students

Frequently asked questions about 2020-21

How will graduate programs be offered?

On both campuses, programs will be delivered with a blend of in-person instruction and alternative delivery methods. The delivery method for each course is identified in the course registration system. The UNB course timetable indicates if courses are offered through in-person instruction, alternative delivery method or a combination of the two.

Students who are unable to participate in mandatory in-person courses and labs that do not have an ADM option but are required to meet program outcomes and satisfy lab and practicum requirements must contact their academic advisor immediately for program advising.

When will graduate students be allowed back on campus to access labs and office space? When will they be able to resume research that involves interaction with human subjects?

Campus offices and labs will be made available when the University can ensure that the proper safety protocols have been put in place. It is important that we ensure that social distancing and access to proper PPE (where necessary) are in place, as well as making sure that each faculty and department adheres to New Brunswick Public Health and WorkSafe guidelines.

What supports and training will UNB provide to graduate student TAs to assist us in fulfilling our responsibilities to undergraduate students?

The Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning (CETL) provides a number of resources to help teaching assistants with the shift to alternative delivery methods. To ensure continuity in teaching and learning, they provide how-to instructions for transitioning courses related to a disruption. A framework for alternative teaching methods, which lists information about communicating with students, virtual lectures, and collecting assignments is also available. CETL provides a number of training sessions that are available to teaching assistants. There are also previously recorded sessions available.

Will UNB implement checks and balances to ensure graduate students are paid in a timely and accurate manner?

As per the collective agreement, all graduate students who are employed by the university will be remunerated for services rendered. To receive payments from the payroll system, all employees must complete relevant tax and human resources forms, including providing banking information for direct deposit. When students are hired, information and forms will be provided as needed.

International graduate students serve as teaching and research assistants while taking courses. What arrangements are in place to ensure that these students can be paid for their service if they are unable to enter Canada?

Due to challenges associated with paying international graduate students who remain outside of Canada, UNB will be focusing on supporting international graduate students who remain outside Canada with scholarship funding (GRA/GAA).