Campus life and community

Frequently asked questions about 2020-21

How will the university help students continue to be part of the UNB community?

Together with faculties, we are developing innovative and creative programming to ensure students establish and further develop relationships with their professors, peers and community.

Student Services is hosting virtual versions of all of its programming, including peer mentorship groups, and additional transitional programs are being created. These resources will be available in a central online platform so students will be able to access resources in a streamlined one-stop shop.

Our goal is to create a virtual community. It will be different from a normal campus experience, but we are working to ensure that when we return to more normal campus operations our strong community will continue.

How will clubs and societies be able to operate under new regulations?

New Brunswick Public Health guidelines informs all of our decision-making and we recognize that extracurricular activities will not be operating as they have in the past. Many activities will have a different look and feel and may require modification and virtual programming, particularly if students are not on campus.

We will work with groups to help them interpret the New Brunswick Public Health guidelines and find the best options to suit their needs. UNB Student Services has created guidelines and a review process for student in-person events. Contact the Student Union, Student Representative Council or Graduate Student Association for more information.

How will the university provide an orientation experience for incoming students? Are any special measures being put in place to help high school students transition to the university learning environment?

UNB has already begun working with incoming students to ensure their transition to university is as normal as it can be. In May, we began hosting virtual SOAR (Spring Orientation, Advising and Registration) events, which were received positively and highlighted many great aspects of UNB. Student services and orientation staff are working tirelessly to ensure the transition is first rate under current restrictions.

Across the university, we are developing activities, webinars, modules and development opportunities for students to feel supported and connected to UNB and community members.

We are also relying on current students, faculty and staff to provide mentorship to new students. This is an opportunity for UNB to welcome students to our campuses in this different time and environment.

What rules will be enforced to ensure physical distancing on campus?

UNB’s commitment to students, faculty and staff during this pandemic is threefold: safety, accessibility and flexibility. We will be following all New Brunswick Public Health directives to ensure we can achieve this, including physical distancing, increased cleaning, hand sanitizing, directional arrows, and more.

Classroom occupancy will be limited as per New Brunswick Public Health directives and, should it be determined necessary, timetables will shift to ensure proper physical distancing and cleaning.

Buildings have been prepared with directional signage and floor markings.

On-campus activities can only take place if safety is addressed and we will not be taking actions that puts anyone at risk. Offering the majority of courses through alternate delivery methods will ensure students have options and can keep themselves and their families safe.

How will UNB approach non-compliance in regard to the new health and safety measures?

Keeping the campus safe is everyone’s responsibility. Adapting to the new measures on campus will take time and UNB will support our community through this process. We encourage you to be supportive of others and act with kindness, respect and understanding.

Signage is in place to remind people to follow public health guidelines at all times and details of safety measures are available on the UNB website. We are working to engage the community with these guidelines and to educate campus user about why the newly implemented measures are important.

Although every effort has been taken to implement public health guidance on campus, issues may arise. Student non-compliance to public health will be addressed through the regular student discipline processes. Faculty and staff should contact their dean, chair, or unit manager.

Will personal protection equipment (PPE) be provided?

Specialized PPE such as gloves, face masks and full body covers will be provided for UNB students, faculty and staff when PPE is required for on-campus course experiences when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Non-medical face masks are required in the presence of others, in common areas an shared spaces. Everyone must maintain a 2-metre physical distance in all indoor public spaces in UNB buildings.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances and exits of buildings, as well as outside classrooms and labs.

How will varsity sports proceed?

Atlantic University Sport has announced its decision to cancel all regular and postseason competition until January 2021 and U SPORTS has cancelled all fall national championships. The Atlantic Collegiate Athletics Association has also cancelled all first-semester sports scheduled for the 2020-21 season.

Decisions on winter term competition will be made in the fall.

UNB athletics facilities are open. Our facilities adhere to the same strict Province of New Brunswick guidelines that are in place in gyms across the province.

UNB sports teams will be required to adhere to the most up-to-date provincial guidelines for their sport and follow the regulations of the facility in which they operate. Taking part in sports or visiting campus athletic facilities in the fall will be a personal choice, and we encourage students to be supportive of others and their decisions.

What food services will be available on campus?

Limited spaces on campus where the UNB community can eat and drink will be available. Areas that remain open for use will have operational health and safety requirements. The locations of these areas are currently being finalized.

More information on food services at UNB.

Where can I study on campus?

Bookable study spaces that adhere to physically distancing guidelines have been set up on both campuses. Wi-fi is available on UNB campuses.

Are face masks required on campus?

Non-medical face masks are required in the presence of others, in common areas and shared spaces. Everyone must maintain a two-metre physical distance and properly wear a face mask in all indoor public spaces in UNB buildings. This includes hallways, elevators, lobbies, classrooms, washrooms and other common use areas.

More information on community face masks at UNB.

Are bookstores open? How will students receive textbooks?

All textbooks and course materials are listed online including new, used, rental and digital, along with all lab/course materials and supplies. Shop by selecting specific courses or by entering your Student ID#. See NURS SUPPLIES and LAB SUPPLIES under course selection for supplies.

The UNB bookstores will not be open for in-person shopping during the fall term.