Postponements and cancellations

All events on UNB campuses are cancelled or postponed

As of March 16, UNB is transitioning to provide only essential services as directed by New Brunswick Public Health. We will be scaling down operations to only those essential to the delivery of courses by alternative methods and business continuity processes.

  • Both campuses and off-campus sites will remain open for essential services and functions only.
    • All UNB employees should expect to work remotely unless explicitly told otherwise.
  • Course instruction, using alternative delivery methods, will resume on March 23 as scheduled. In-person classes will not be held for the remainder of the term. Students will not be recalled to campus for exams.
  • Public access to UNB campuses is restricted until further notice.
    • ALL events on UNB campuses are cancelled or postponed.
    • ALL athletic facilities are closed.
    • ALL non-essential businesses on campus are closed.
    • The Student Union Building is closed.
    • UNB libraries will shift to online service delivery only

The following UNB events have been cancelled or postponed

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