Hiring Process

The UNB Engineering and Science Co-op Programs utilize a continuous-hiring process, meaning Co-op positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The UNB Engineering and Science Co-op Programs does not employ a rank/match process. 

e2o is UNB's online recruiting database that employers use to post jobs, review applications, schedule interviews

Login to e2o (experience 2 opportunities) to post a job by following the steps below:

Both our graduate and undergraduate students review your job posting(s) and submit their cover letter, resume, and transcript through e2o. 

Applications will be released on the job closing date you have chosen, allowing you to review and select candidates for interviews. If you require students to apply directly to your website, please forward candidate names selected for interviews to the Co-op office by email at, unbcoop@unb.ca and we will be happy to coordinate all interviews for you.

Upon completion of the interviews and candidate selection, offers can be made through the Co-op Office with the expectation of a response within 48 hours. Employers are able to extend offers of employment at any time in the recruitment process.

The Co-op Team will contact you to confirm the student's decision regarding your offer. You can prepare and forward an offer letter to formalize the placement via email unbcoop@unb.ca.