Employer Responsibility 

Some of the employer’s responsibilities are: 

  • Provide accurate information regarding job responsibilities, remuneration and benefits. 

  • Inform the Co-op Coordinator of job offers/re-offers to a Co-op student 

  • Conduct an orientation at the beginning of the work semester to familiarize the Co-op student with the working environment and the employer’s expectations 

  • Assist the Co-op student in establishing and achieving learning objectives for the work term. Provide an increasing degree of challenging duties according to the student’s capabilities and number of successive work terms 

  • Contact the Co-op Coordinator about any problems that may affect the Co-op student’s work term. Comply with federal and provincial human rights and employment legislation 

  • Monitor student’s job performance. Be available to meet with the Co-op Coordinator or a designated Faculty member either in person during a site visit or via telephone. Assist the educational institution by evaluating the student and informing the Co-op Coordinator of the student’s progress

During the co-op work term

  • Goal setting and personal learning plan: To maximize the outcome from the co-op placement, students and employers are encouraged to set goals for the student while allowing the student to develop learning objectives which are to be met during the co-op work term. Frequent meetings with the supervisor will help the student to assess the progress being made. 
  • Workterm reports: It is required that the student keeps a detailed daily engineering logbook which is used to complete the EIT logbook and progress report. The student, upon graduation, can then submit the EIT logbook and progress report to the respective Professional Engineering Association for evaluation towards the EIT pre-graduation experience.


Towards the end of the co-op work term

  • Employer evaluation of the student: You are asked to complete the Employer Evaluation of the Student's Work Term Performance. Plan to discuss this evaluation with the student. This will aid the student in the professional development process. Students will update their work term records (WTR) with their supervisors information, once they recieve it. The mid-term and final term evaluation will be emailed to the supervisor, and then directly uploaded to the students WTR. 
  • Logbook and progress report: The students will have at this point in time completed their logbooks (APEGNB MIT/EIT Logbook template) and progress reports (APEGNB MIT/EIT Progress Report template). An example of a well-written logbook and progress report can be found here. The students are encouraged to highlight their work experiences in the following five categories:
    • Practical Experience
    • Application of Theory
    • Management
    • Communication Skills
    • Social Implications