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Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing

Enhance your Nursing expertise with the tools and knowledge necessary in today’s Occupational Health sector. The 11-course program will prepare you to practice as an Occupational Health Nurse. You will gain the skills to assess and promote employee health, prevent injury and disease, facilitate rehabilitation of ill or injured employees, position occupational health as a business strategy, develop compliance strategies to address health and safety legislation, and more. Learn more.

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Pathway to Coping

If you are tired of being frustrated, stressed, feeling hopeless or overwhelmed, and are concerned about your mental health, this course can help. It will show you how to develop skills and techniques to cope better with stress, improve your problem-solving skills, which can lead to more internal peace. Learn more.

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Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Taught by professionals in the field, UNB’s Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (COHS) program focuses on equipping learners with practical process skills, rather than technical content alone. As a graduate of COHS, you will be better able to assess risk and practice loss management. The Certificate is designed to meet different needs. Current OHS practitioners may take the COHS program to add to their OHS credentials. Many people looking for a career change enrol in the COHS program to gain entry to the OHS field. The Certificate is also designed to prepare students to write the exam to become a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) as granted by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). The program closely follows the nine domains covered in the CRSP certification exam blueprint. Learn more.

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Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

The only course of its kind in Canada, the Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is an advanced program designed to develop leaders in the area of health and safety with a mixture of business management skills and specialized technical health and safety skills. This program will help to broaden your managerial skills and augment your technical knowledge. A differentiating theme throughout all courses will be a focus on ‘system thinking’ rather than ‘incident thinking’. The Diploma consists of four core management courses that focus on giving participants a broad understanding of business, leadership, communications, workplace training, and decision-making. Four additional elective courses must be taken, selected from eight courses on specific technical topics in Occupational Health & Safety. Learn more.

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CRSP Preparation Course

The CRSP Preparation Course is designed to help aspiring CRSPs write the Board exam successfully. Following the format of our Certificate Program in Occupational Health & Safety, the CRSP Prep course is available entirely online, in a self-paced learning format. You can register any time that fits your schedule. Learn more.

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Certificate in Management Essentials

Position yourself–and your company–for success with the Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) CME covers the core competencies every manager needs to succeed. This intensive program teaches real-world skills, techniques, and processes that can be applied immediately in any supervisory situation. The program will help you to understand yourself as a leader and grow personally and professionally. You will gain the insight needed to effectively and efficiently facilitate people and processes within your organization. Learn more.

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