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Welcome Baby: Tools For the Journey

Photo: Mother holding a baby

CCOM 3051

So, you’re expecting a baby! This informative and supportive class focuses on late pregnancy through birth and the early postpartum period. While you may choose to take this class close to your due date so that the information is fresher, others choose to come earlier so that they can practice the breathing and comfort tools.

Overall, it is recommended that you and your labour support person take this class in the second half of your pregnancy - from late second trimester to early third trimester. This gives you some time to prepare for birth and to practice the labour comfort strategies.

In this workshop you can expect to learn about:

  • The “journey” from pregnancy through the early parenting period with a particular focus on the childbirth and postpartum periods
  • Methods of childbirth and pain relief, including traditional medical interventions and C-section births
  • Newborn care and parenting concerns
  • Relaxation techniques (active and passive), breathing strategies, comfort measures, positions for labor and comfort, yoga postures for body awareness and labour preparation, and stress management for the postpartum period

This design of this course reflects years of experience as a mother, a health educator, and a participant in local initiatives for the empowerment of new mothers and families in the Fredericton community. The course also includes evidence-based maternal health research to provide the highest quality of education in a supportive environment.


Bring 2 pillows, a blanket, and a water bottle to class. Please dress comfortably.

Course details

Upcoming dates: Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17 (2 classes)
Time: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Lunch on your own, noon - 1 p.m.)
Location: UNB Fredericton campus (campus map)
13 Bailey Drive, Alumni Memorial Building, Lounge/Presidents Room
Course fee: $145 (+ HST) for you & your labour support person
Instructor: Shelley Langmaid, BN

Register for May 16 & 17, 2020

About the instructor

Shelley Langmaid, BN, CCCE is a mother of three young children who has been teaching prenatal classes for the past 12 years. Since she began obstetrical training, as part of her nursing degree, Shelley has had a particular passion for family-centered, holistic care. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree from UNB and has been certified as a childbirth educator and a childbirth educator trainer by the Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CCCE). A certified Roots of Empathy educator, Shelley goes into schools with parents and infants to teach school-age children about empathy. A long-time yoga practitioner, Shelley has also undertaken certification in yoga postures for pregnancy.

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