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Intro to Acrylic Painting

Photo: Paint brush on a palette with colours

CCOM 1025

Explore the world acrylic painting. Designed for beginners, you’ll learn basic acrylic painting techniques and gain an understanding of the elements of art. Each week, you will explore new subject matter through guided, hands-on instruction as you work on paintings of your choosing. You will also familiarize yourself with the medium through experimentation and the practical application of techniques that are key to creating impactful artwork.


  • 4 or more brushes, size 4-6 (detail round brush, flat brush, wash, & round)
  • 5 canvases, 16x20"
  • pad of canvas paper
  • paint (white, black, hookers green, yellow ochre, brown, yellow, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, cadmium red)
  • a palette knife, a palette for mixing paint & a water container (reusable)
  • a 2H pencil
  • a ruler (inches)

Note: materials are available at Endeavors, Michaels, or the Dollar Store.

Course details

Upcoming date: TBD
Time: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Location: UNB Fredericton campus (campus map)
9 Bailey Drive, Memorial Hall, Room 26
Course fee: $135 (+ HST)
Instructor: Ameesha Tirmazi (Instructor starting March 30)

About the instructor

Shannon Lynn is a visual artist born and raised on the East Coast of Canada. She currently lives in Fredericton, where she is working from her home studio as a full-time artist. Shannon previously lived in Moncton, where she worked as Director of Marketing and Visual Arts Instructor at McKenzie College, and as an independent commission artist. Her work includes a variety of murals throughout New Brunswick, and numerous privately commissioned works throughout the country. Shannon is proficient with many mediums including acrylic, watercolour and oil paint. She continues to explore new mediums and subject matter, researching fresh themes and techniques, and incorporating original ideas into her artistic practice.

Ameesha Tirmazi is a versatile artist who holds a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In addition to painting and drawing, Ameesha enjoys working in a variety of creative fields such as animation, graphic design, and illustration. With a history of living in different, cities, countries, and continents, Ameesha uses her past experiences as inspiration for her work, recreating the world around her. Ameesha has been freelancing and teaching art classes since university and is currently a gallery assistant at Gallery 78.

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