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College of Extended Learning


The program includes three courses, each with five online learning modules. You may register for one or all of these courses, in any order you wish.

CCSL 4510 - Understanding Your Leadership Potential (Know Yourself)

Health and Safety leaders play a key role in driving positive change within their organizations. This course will not only help the student to recognize their current leadership skills and abilities, but to recognize the key skills required of a competent safety leader.

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CCSL 4520 - Leading People (Know Others)

Safety leaders not only lead, they need to be able to mentor, coach, supervise, and influence. Using the strategies, principles, and concepts introduced you will be able to identify and apply effective communication skills to enhance your capacity to engage and influence others, utilizing a strengthened understanding of team building, and leadership skills.

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CCSL 4530 - Organizational Leadership

Safety leaders are in a unique position within their organizations. As leaders, they need to be able to gain the support of senior leadership for safety initiatives while working within the parameters of various professional standards and codes of ethics. This course will equip you to increase and adapt your understanding of organizational structures and the interaction of various groups in order to gain influence, build consensus, and drive positive change.

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