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Statistics as a Managerial Tool

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Managing today often requires good instincts but that alone is not enough to manage the huge amounts of available data and complex variables of the business world. Statistics can help managers and leaders make sense of these complexities, back-up their assertions, and feel confident about when to take the risks and when to pump the breaks.

This intermediate-level course examines statistics as a managerial tool. It looks at common graphical representations of data and how these can be effective tools to explain situations and support persuasive arguments for a course of action.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How statistics are used in different settings
  • Common problems with, and misuse of, statistics
  • Criteria for evaluating statistics
  • Key fundamentals of probability, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics
  • How to apply fundamental statistics to a real-world problem

PDUs: 5 hours total
0.5 (contact hours - 5)
Price: $79 (USD)*

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