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Personal Creativity

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This course addresses personal creativity. Through tools and exercises drawn from Adrian Brown's book, Creativity & Innovation, this course seeks to help unlock the creativity within individuals.

By stimulating creativity through various techniques (mind-mapping, DO-IT, SCAMPER, right and left brain thinking), you can learn how to tap into your personal creativity and apply it to organizational challenges.

Chapters of the book are included in the course as PDF downloads. No additional purchase is necessary.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Describe the basis of personal creativity
  • Explain the uses of creative tools
  • Distinguish between vertical and lateral thinking
  • Employ creative tools like SCAMPER, random input, mind mapping, and DO IT
  • Describe the key characteristics of personal creativity
  • Assess the issues surrounding measuring creativity

CEUs: .3 (contact hours - 3)
$79 (USD)*

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