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Persuasive Presentation Skills

Professional acing a presentation at work

CMPW 3106

Early bird pricing and group discounts available (see below for details)

Nothing can project a more impressive image than the ability to express yourself effectively!

Great communication skills enable you to inform, persuade and motivate your target audience, increases your reputation and impacts your team’s ability to reach organizational goals.

In a constantly changing work environment of increased responsibilities and new projects being an effective and confident communicator is an essential skill for today’s managers and leaders.

This active learning workshop emphasizes a unique communications model:

  • Analyze the environment
  • Consider your options: media, source, timing
  • Select and organize your information
  • Deliver your message
  • Evaluate feedback for continued growth

Through lecture, discussions, verbal presentations, and evaluations (professional, peer and self), this seminar helps you develop the confidence and techniques needed to deliver high impact presentations.

Why take this seminar?

  • Identify your presentation strengths and target areas for improvement
  • Enhance your credibility by understanding and focusing on the needs of your specific audience
  • Improve your confidence through practice, constructive feedback and positive reinforcement
  • Plan and organize your presentations based on a communication model and appropriate strategies to meet your objectives
  • Create strong and supportive visual aids
  • Increase control over anxiety and fear
  • Effectively deliver your presentation
  • Realistically assess the impact of your communication

Program details

Dates: TBD
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Fredericton, NB
Fee: $425 +HST

Group Discount: Send 3 or more participants from your company and receive a 10% discount. Contact an account manager for more information. Note: Early bird pricing and group discounts cannot be combined.

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Who should attend?

Business professionals at all levels whose presentations:

  • Need to be excellent in terms of focus, organization, support, and delivery.
  • Address clients, shareholders, civic organizations, and employees
  • Need to inform or persuade their target audience
  • Motivate or persuade employees, peers, superiors.
  • Deliver sales presentations or demonstrations


Professional, passionate and knowledgeable, Michael MacLean, CHRP is a compelling speaker, an award winning seminar leader, and a management consultant who is well known for his expertise in management development and human resource issues. His highly interactive and informative sessions offer significant insights into people, performance improvement, legal perspectives, and effective management. Acknowledging that corporate growth through productivity improvement is critical for success, he helps organizations translate the development needs of managers and supervisors into the essential skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's highly competitive global marketplace.

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