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Program information 

The Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) design is aligned to Warrenfeltz* competencies framework that suggested a four-domain core competency framework: intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, tactical managerial skills, and leadership skills. Each course has been designed to fall into one of the four domains above and has three core competencies that the learner can expect to develop by taking the course. 

*Warrenfeltz, R. B. (1995, May). An executive-level validation of the Borman and Brush taxonomy. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Orlando, FL.

Program format and participant commitment

The CME is offered completely online, in a self-paced format that fits your schedule. You have the option of completing the entire certificate, or you can take individual courses based on your professional goals and needs.

If you are taking the entire certificate, Leading from Within (CCME 1000), should be your first course as it contains essential components needed for other courses. If you intend to receive the CME, you must successfully complete the six required courses, starting with Leading from Within, plus any four electives.

You can register at any time, but each course must be completed within six weeks from the time you register and gain access to the course. You should plan on an estimated 15-18 hours of time commitment per course to successfully work through the readings, content, tests and assignments.

Course descriptions

Required courses

CCME 1000 Leading From Within (Intrapersonal Domain)
In this course, you will be asked to complete the Hogan Personality Inventory, which measures normal personality characteristics necessary for job fit, effective relationships, and career success. Through the assessment process, you will enhance your self-awareness by determining how best to leverage your strengths and address your areas for growth. This course discusses the skills and traits that successful leaders have and how they acquire them. Core competencies include stress tolerance, self-direction, and self-awareness.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1001 Communicating with Impact (Interpersonal Domain)
Effective communication defines a manager’s ultimate success. Many managers underestimate how critical communications skills are in defining their ability to work effectively with peers and direct reports. Core competencies include non-verbal communications, the science of communications, and the art of communications.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1002 Taking the Guess Work Out of Management (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Regardless of the sector in which a manager works, he/she will benefit from having an overarching framework understanding how a group of functions fit in with the organization overall strategy and having a strategy for defining problems and making decisions. Core competencies include TalOp, problem-solving, and decision making.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1003 Leadership vs. Management (Management Domain)
In this course, you will be asked to complete the Hogan Development Survey, which describes the personality that emerges when individuals stop monitoring their behaviour due to stress or complacency. Through the assessment process, you will enhance your self-awareness by determining how best to leverage your strengths and address your areas for growth. By understanding this side of personality, you can recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem. Core competencies include leadership fundamentals, manager fundamentals, and team leadership.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1004 Managing Challenging Behaviours (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Performance management is not only about managing the proactive elements such as performance reviews and employee development. There are times when managers need to respond to unwanted employee behaviours. Core competencies include: managing unwanted behaviours, facilitating discipline, and confronting unwanted behaviours.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1005 Supervisors Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Any manager who has been assigned direct reports and is not an individual contributor will benefit from having developed their supervision skills. Core competencies include supervisory fundamentals, feedback, and goal setting.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

Elective courses (select 4)

CCME 1100 Beyond Engagement (Leadership Skills)
An organization’s culture can influence what employees think and do. Managers cannot impose workplace culture or make employee healthy, but they do have an important role influencing both. Core competencies include: facilitating culture, employee engagement, and beyond engagement.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1101 Coaching Skills for Managers (Leadership Domain)
Coaching is not about discipline or poor performance. It is an approach managers use to assist employees in developing behaviours that enable the employee to achieve their full potential. Core competencies include coaching basics, coaching model, and coaching tools.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1102 Operations Management Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Core Competencies)
Operational skills can benefit manager effectiveness. Core competencies include: reporting, project management, and operations management.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1103 Leading and Managing Through Change (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Manager success is enhanced by their ability to adapt and lead change. Core competencies include foundational change management, organizational change management, and individual change management.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1104 Building a Successful Team (Interpersonal Domain)
Managers will benefit from being able to facilitate collaborative teamwork. Core competencies include team types, motivating teams, and managing teams.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1105 Etiquette, Ethics, and E-Communication (Interpersonal Domain)
Professionalism is not an intangible. It is very tangible, and it can be observed in how managers present themselves in person and online. Core competencies include etiquette, ethics, and e-communications.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1106 Conflict, Mediation and Negotiation Toolbox (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Managers who have the skills to address conflict, mediate and negotiate are in a better position to obtain win-win resolutions and spend less time and energy in conflict. Core competencies include conflict resolution, mediation, and negotiations.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1107 Navigating People-Driven Crisis (Tactical Managerial Domain)
A crisis is any situation that is outside the realm of normal that requires a response. Crises can take all forms. For example, bullying is a crisis for a victim. In a fast-paced world, managers are well served in having the basics in crisis management, understanding the need to protect employee psychological well-being, and legal obligations to employees. Core competencies include: crisis management, promoting psychology safety and well-being, and employee law basics.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1108 Customer Relationship Management Strategy (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Organizations that have defined customer relationship management strategies will expect their manager to help achieve the defined CRM results. Core competencies include: CRM foundations, CRM strategy, and customer services tools.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1109 Cognitive Strategies for Leaders (Tactical Managerial Domain)
Managers in professional services are faced with constant demands to expand and grow their network, sell, and think to win. Core competencies include: critical thinking, selling, and influencing strategies.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1110 Facilitating the Employee Lifecycle (Tactical Managerial Domain)
This course helps managers develop the skills to manage and support an employee's lifecycle that advances from recruitment to termination with several stages in between including orientation and career development. The course describes the stages of the employee lifecycle, explains how and why to engage in performance reviews and how to do so effectively, and discusses the value of and process of exit interviews. Core competencies include: employee lifecycles, performance management, and succession planning.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

CCME 1111 Supporting Mental Health Risk (Tactical Managerial Domain)
This course introduces managers to the topic of mental health, exploring the common mental health issues employees may experience and therefore, managers need to be prepared to deal with. The course covers the topic of relevant legal developments, describes the 13 factors of the national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace, and indicates how managers can create psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Another key topic of this course is addressing addictions in the workplace. Core competencies include: insights into mental health, psychological factors standards, and promoting psychological safety.
Cost: $295 (no HST)

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