Post Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund Program

In Budget 2016, the federal government announced that over the next three years, $2 billion will be invested in post-secondary infrastructure. The Post Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) is focused on enhancing and modernizing research and commercialization facilities on Canadian campuses.

UNB's capital planning processes have been tracking the university’s need for infrastructure investments, some of which may now be possible through this program.

How UNB could benefit

Based on the fund's criteria and UNB's infrastructure priorities, UNB has submitted funding applications for the following potential projects:

Centre for Healthy Living - Fredericton

The proposed 60,000-square-foot, $36 million centre will create a nationally significant research cluster focused on health, wellness, physical fitness and health promotion that will establish New Brunswick as a leader in preventative health care. Its primary focus will be the prevention of chronic disease throughout life, with an emphasis on exercise and healthy lifestyle as a rehabilitation measure for obesity and diabetes. It will incorporate academic programs, healthy living research, community outreach and entrepreneurial opportunities. It will be attached to the west side of UNB’s Richard J. CURRIE CENTER, providing a direct link to the Andrew and Marjorie McCain Human Performance Laboratory.

The Centre for Healthy Living was selected and construction began on Oct. 17, 2016. The expected completion date for the project is spring 2018.

Engineering Innovative and Maker Space - Fredericton

A $3 million renovation of UNB’s engineering building is proposed to create flexible and reconfigurable learning spaces as demanded by the future of engineering education. The renovation will repurpose obsolete space into modern classrooms and a large open studio that integrates a laboratory, shop and conference room; creating an environment where faculty, students and staff can engage in multidisciplinary collaborations and creative activities that support inquiry-based learning and innovation. Using the expertise from our Chair in Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship and our NSERC Chair for Engineering Design, we will transform learning programs by developing competencies within students that couple engineering skills with business.

Ward Chipman Student Learning & Achievement Centre

The student-centric focus of the proposed new $25 million facility creates an opportunity for both undergraduates and graduates to gather in a central research hub, an environment that will be a nexus of ideas to inspire new collaborations on research topics and potential entrepreneurial initiatives. This multipurpose hub can then fertilize these seeds of innovation by incorporating regular research seminars and workshops, conferences and poster sessions. The dedicated space for graduate students will enable and facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and serve as an innovation centre on campus. This will allow students to share their ideas and learn from one another to develop new programs of research to answer the challenging questions facing today’s society.

Multi-Research Greenhouse Replacement - Saint John

UNB Saint John's existing greenhouse reached the end of its structural life; the university has been studying options to renovate or replace it. Building a new Multi-Research Greenhouse will allow UNB to conduct research to the benefit of students, researchers and industries such as aquaculture, health care and pharmaceutical development. A research leader in potential medicinal compounds in wild plants, UNB research is supporting the development of new plant-based medicines, including compounds that have the potential to cure life-threatening diseases such as cancer. This $1 million replacement project will allow the demolition of an out-dated facility and eliminate significant levels in accumulated deferred maintenance and will improve the environmental footprint of the Saint John campus.

The Multi-Research Greenhouse Replacement (MRG) was selected and construction is planned for the summer/fall of 2017.