Kinesiology building: Common questions

What is the new kinesiology building?

The proposed kinesiology building has been a project that’s been on UNB’s priority list for almost a decade. The $60,000-square-foot, $36 million centre will create a nationally significant research cluster focused on health, wellness, physical fitness and health promotion that will establish New Brunswick as a leader in preventative health care. Becoming home to UNB’s faculty of kinesiology, it will be adjacent to the west side of UNB’s Richard J. CURRIE CENTER, with a connection that will provide a direct link to the Andrew and Marjorie McCain Human Performance Laboratory.

What is the construction timeline?

Construction will begin Oct. 2016 and the project is scheduled to be complete in the Spring 2018.

How will this project impact me?

There will be parking restrictions and road closures throughout this project; however, we will do our best to communicate these changes to the UNB community and our users in a number of ways.

How is this project being funded?

This project is financially supported by the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund (SIF). To support this initiative the federal government is investing $16.6 million while the province is adding another $8.3 million. The university is responsible for the remaining $11.1 million.

What is going to happen to the L.B. Gym?

The L.B. Gym no longer meets the requirements of the Faculty of Kinesiology and it would require an investment of $7.5 million to bring its maintenance up to date. Even with that level of investment, it would remain energy-inefficient and non-accessible.

It’s estimated that this new build would save UNB $270,000/year in operating costs and would better suit the needs of our faculty and students.

We are developing a transition plan that will allow for the faculty to transition from the L.B. Gym to the new kinesiology building. We have had conversations with the City of Fredericton and Saint Thomas University to allow them time to develop their own transition plans to alternative facilities. The L.B. Gym will be decommissioned in the fall of 2018.

Is a pool being considered in the new building?

It’s no secret that this building is old, carries extremely high deferred maintenance costs, and houses a pool that’s outlived its shelf life.

UNB has had several conversations with the city over the past five years to look at the option of cost-sharing a new aquatic facility, and those conversations have begun again.

We are setting out to complete a vision we developed a decade ago that includes the CURRIE CENTER, a Centre for Healthy Living and an aquatic facility. That’s our goal and we’ve accomplished two out of three so far.

The plan for the kinesiology building does not include an aquatic facility; however, we know how important the pool is for our community.

Will there be a climbing wall in the new facility?

No, not in the kinesiology building; however, it will be discussed as part of the programming for a new aquatic facility.

Kinesiology just got the Currie Center. Why not the ____faculty/building?

The kinesiology building has been a project that’s been on UNB’s priority list for almost a decade. We didn’t get to finish what we set out to do during the planning stages of the Richard J. CURRIE CENTER. The vision was that the Currie Center would be a new home for the faculty of kinesiology as well as a state-of-the-art fitness, aquatics and athletics facility. Due to financial restrictions at the time we had to scale back our plans and as a result, much of the kinesiology faculty has remained in the L.B. Gym.

The SIF program gives the university the chance to complete a project that’s been a priority for several years.

Why have you not consulted with building users and the campus community?

We are moving quicker than we would have liked and are not getting to do the level of consultation we would normally like to do and the reason for that is because the construction timeline for the project is directly linked to the criteria outlined in the SIF funding agreement.

That said, this project has been on UNB’s priority list for more than a decade and there have been numerous meetings, discussions, and opportunities for people to provide their feedback during the planning stage of this project.

Who are the architects for the project?

Architects 4 Ltd. from Moncton NB were selected as architects for the project.

Where do I get more information?

For the most updated information, see the new kinesiology building. You can also contact us at