Proud heritage

Founded in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is the oldest English speaking university in Canada and we are proud of our heritage and history.

UNB has a history of educational excellence, attracting top students from around the world. We are also known for adapting to the ever-changing educational developments.

Both campuses reflect the architectural heritage and history of our country, our communities and our students.

With campuses in two of New Brunswick’s most dynamic cities – Fredericton and Saint John - UNB combines tradition, innovation and a sense of community to help its students grow into leaders, both nationally and worldwide.

The long-standing history of UNB can be seen in the structural design of the buildings that make up the landscape of each campus.  We were thrilled to celebrate our 225th anniversary.

Susan Montague's "A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick" is a beautifully produced, limited edition including more than 500 photographs and illustrations, complemented by anecdotes, interesting facts and lively commentary. 

In celebration of UNB’s 225th anniversary, John Leroux, author of Building New Brunswick, was commissioned to write an architectural history of the University’s two spectacularly situated campuses. Lavishly illustrated with archival and contemporary photographs, the book traces the development of each campus, highlighting UNB’s most treasured and iconic buildings.