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Associated Alumni

Alumni Legacy Award Application

Fields marked with an * are required.

Submit a list of activities (resume style) outlining your UNB extra-curricular activities and what they entail.

In essay format (min. 500 words), please describe how you will continue to be an ambassador for UNB upon graduation.

Provide one letter of recommendation from a UNB alumnus/alumna. This letter can be from a relative or non-relative (i.e. teacher, employer). It should be specific about his/her relationship with you; the length of time they have known you; offer a candid and detailed assessment of your character; and explain why you would be deserving of this award.

The UNB Associated Alumni office will put forward a recommendation for this award to the Undergraduate Awards Office for final approval. Once approved, the UNB Associated Alumni Office will contact the successful candidate.

Consideration for the Alumni Legacy Scholarship also requires you to submit a general application to the Undergraduate Awards Office by the required deadline of April 15, 2023.