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Associated Alumni

Norah Mallory (BA'69)

Norah Mallory

Role with Associated Alumnae: President

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm currently the owner/CEO of Mallory Group Ltd, a PR, Government Relations and Marketing firm, an industry I have worked in for 30 years. I work in a virtual environment with anywhere from six to eight associates who form project teams based on the demands and skills required to deliver the project at hand.

I am active in the Fredericton region on many boards, task forces, fundraising campaigns (Hospice House, Stan Cassidy, Saint John Regional Hospital PET Campaign, CSAC, etc.),  and I enjoy organizing and participating in musical events, political campaigns, UNB Jazz Festival and more.

What/who compelled you to join the Alumnae Council?

Carol Loughery asked me to help with Nominating Committee and within two years I was suddenly not only on the Council but appointed as First Vice President. Today, I am President and thoroughly enjoying building a larger Alumnae community, helping make the Alumnae more visible online as well as at campus events.

Do you have any advice/recommendations to students and young alumni?

Stay linked to your Alumnae Association. Those connections can help no matter where you are living. Also, by linking to your Alumnae Association you will hear about the latest announcements/new directions and successes on campus.

Why do you feel that an organization such as the Associated Alumnae is important to the fabric of UNB?

Alumnae and Alumni are ambassadors of the UNB brand, but in order to support the university, you have to discover the extraordinary people working there, innovations that are happening on campus technologically, in research and in the social sciences.

UNB is not just about what is happening on campus, it’s also about its larger community, what alumni and alumnae contribute wherever they live. But as the most recent campaign says "It Start Here".

What is one thing you would personally like to work toward changing/improving at UNB?

I would like to see more scholarships developed – especially for those in need. More proactive outreach to areas of poverty, helping to identify potential students who need financial aid. I would like to work toward faster acceptances especially in technology-based faculties and better relationships with the capital city of Fredericton.

I would like to help with better communication of successes to Alumni and Alumnae across the globe through a more integrated marketing approach and a better defined image/positioning that differentiates UNB from the other NB universities.