What is A.I. Pro?

UNB has an enterprise-wide subscription to A.I. Pro. This service from Academic Impressions features a variety of professional development tools for higher education professionals, including advisors, faculty/instructors, staff and administrators, in five main areas:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Advancement
  • Business Office
  • Enrolment/Recruitment
  • Student Affairs

Learn more about these modules, and view offerings.

What's included?

*New* Leadership Development Webinars (Secure Access)

A series of leadership development webinars have been secured using some of our flex passes. Download the info sheet and instructions for these webinars (will require login access). These are available on-demand to all UNB employees. 

How do I access A.I. Pro?

Login in to the A.I. Pro Service using your UNB email address and a temporary password using these log-in instructions.

What if I need help?

The A.I. Pro subscription is co-managed by several UNB employees working in the subscription areas:

You can also ask Academic Impressions for help online or by phone: 720-488-6800.

Usage Survey

We want to be sure that our subscription to A.I. Pro is meeting your needs, no matter the work you do. This usage survey will help measure the efficacy and value of the subscription. Your responses are anonymous and will help with future planning of this service, while also identifying other professional development platforms used across campus.

A note on American content

Please note that A.I. Pro's webinars/webcasts are predominantly from an American perspective. Most program development approaches, insights, and lessons-learned can be generalized and applied to a variety of contexts, including here at UNB.

That being said, avoid any trainings related to FERPA, Titles II, III, IX & compliance, the Clery Act, Pell Grants, and other American legislation or financial aid programs. These statutes and programs, among others, are specific to American post-secondary education and cannot be exported to a Canadian context.

Other professional development & research services

UNB has a subscription to some of EAB's resources - webinars, articles, research case studies, and more. Get connected to EAB directly via our institutional advisor, Justin Cinkala. Phone: 202-568-7728.