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Website access and updates

UNB web updates made easy

Do you need to update the picture of your staff/faculty profile? Change a link on your department site? Are you ready to publish changes you’ve made to a page?

UNB’s web marketing team is here to help! Whether you’re looking to make a quick modification to your site or you require web training, we have easy solutions tailored to your needs.

Send it to

If you need something updated on your UNB website, look no further than We encourage everyone to send their updates to this web ticketing system to ensure high quality and speedy turnarounds.

Here's how to email your site feedback or updates to

  1. Include the URL(s) you’re referring to with a detailed description
  2. Please use word documents for tracking changes to prevent styles altering in an email
  3. You will receive a confirmation email when the update is completed
  4. If you are a web liaison and make text updates, please send image-related updates to

Turnaround is fast, often just hours and almost always less than 2 business days - unless the scope requires more.

CMS access

There are specific steps to follow for anyone wishing to obtain access to Cascade, our CMS.

Step 1 | Access Manager request

To gain contributor access to a UNB website, have your supervisor log in to 'Access Manager' via their myUNB Portal and request access to Cascade for you. Please complete your own request in Access Manager if you don’t have a supervisor.

You or your supervisor must select Cascade Management System (CMS) in the request list. Even if you already have access to other sites in Cascade, this is a required step for accessing the newer refreshed websites.

When submitting the request, please outline the website access required (e.g. "Refreshed Forestry page") in the ‘Reason for modification to access/Additional details’ box. This will create a ticket within the Access Manager system.

Step 2 | Cascade (CMS) training

If you have not already completed your CMS training, ITS will provide you access to a D2L Brightspace link found in your myUNB Portal. You will receive an email notification through your Access Manager ticket as soon as your D2L course access has been granted.

This CMS training is completed through a series of self-paced, online courses that take approximately 3-5 hours, with no time limit for completion. The courses cover virtually everything you need to get started with Cascade.

You will learn how to:

  • find your way through the CMS
  • add and format text
  • preview your changes

Depending on the access you require, you may need to complete CMS blog training as well.

Each online course is broken down into a series of modules and cover several styles of UNB websites.

Modules contain:

  • training videos
  • optional practice quizzes
  • discussion boards about the course, or CMS.

At the end of the courses, there are "access test" modules. Successfully completing all courses assigned with a score of 100% is required to complete your access request.

Tests include:

  • CMS Access Test (2013 and Internal Sites)
  • CMS Access Test (2015+ Rebrand)
  • UNB Blogs Access Test

Step 3 | Web content training

After completing your D2L CMS training, you can arrange to complete your basic web content training. This is a one-hour session hosted by the web content strategist in the UNB Marketing Office. Additional sessions on specific topics are also available.

 Book web content training

After completion of your training, your name will be shared with ITS. If you have completed both your CMS and web content training, you will receive access to the CMS.

If you have only completed the web content training (Step 3) you will need to complete steps 1 and 2 on this list before receiving CMS access (Step 4).

Step 4 | Contributor access and publishing updates

When you have completed both training sessions, please reply back to your existing Access Manager ticket by email to complete your access request.

The CMS role most new accounts require is contributor access. This means you can edit content, create pages, add assets and build a site.

As a contributor, you won’t be required to publish site content. To publish your content, you have two avenues:

This workflow builds in a necessary second set of eyes to the publishing process that benefits all involved. 

Consolidating publishing access to a smaller group of web liaisons within each department is important for offering a web experience that gives visitors a cohesive experience. 

  • content and process consistency
  • brand standards
  • quality assurance
  • stronger content awareness
  • stakeholder knowledge

When access is ultimately granted, you can always locate D2L Brightspace, Cascade and Request Tracking in the MyUNB Intranet. Your D2L Brightspace courses offer a handy resource to doublecheck something from Cascade after your training.

These steps are in place to keep our web content in line with UNB's brand standards as well as to ensure consistency across all sites.

Note: If you are requesting publishing access and becoming a departmental web liaison, please include this in your Access Manager request.

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