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What is the web refresh project?

The 2015+ website refresh initiative was launched in Feb. 2015 as part of the University of New Brunswick's rebranding project and institutional web strategy. The design and content of all websites at UNB are being updated as part of the web refresh initiative. With nearly 100 separate sites and more than 20,000 web pages to contend with, it's no small task.

We started with the UNB homepage and prospective-student focused sites like (AcademicsAdmissions and Money Matters). Next came design templates and fresh content for sites with unique navigations and audiences, like Associated Alumni and Giving to UNB

Now, in collaboration with the university community, we're re-developing all external-facing UNB websites. Since 2015, we have developed more than 70 UNB websites and expect to have all major UNB websites refreshed and optimized by May 2020. 

More than a fresh coat of paint

Each website refresh begins with a content strategy that lays the foundation for a fresh, engaging online presence that meets each unit’s evolving needs. We help you determine your audience, key messages and goals, and work together to map a path forward for your new site.

We embrace data-driven decisions and best practices for web writing, and can offer training and support for all aspects of your new website. We also perform user testing and Google Analytics reporting to ensure our visitors have the best experience possible on

Recent websites


Institutes, centres & units

Refresh process 

Working from a schedule developed by the web advisory committee, the Marketing office's digital team is refreshing UNB's websites along two "tracks":

Track 1

Units with the resources and capacity to execute the redevelopment of their website can join the queue for Track 1. In this track, Marketing will provide direction and support for units to execute their website refresh (in partnership with ITS, which provides technical training).

Track 2

Units who want Marketing to execute their website refresh can join the queue for Track 2. In this track, Marketing will rely on units for subject-matter expertise and support while we execute the unit's website refresh. 

Wondering where you fit in the queue? Email

How we "refresh" websites

Here is the process we'll follow to redevelop your unit's website: 

  • Develop a content strategy
  • Review your website analytics 
  • Audit and review existing website content
  • Take an inventory of, review and edit, your existing content 
  • Source images 
  • Build information architecture and folder structure 
  • Layout new site 
  • Engage stakeholders (website audience, colleagues, partners, etc.)
  • Test, edit, approve and launch



The Marketing Office oversees UNB's external-facing online presence as a strategic partner in the governance of UNB's online presence. 

Web governance at UNB 

Web strategy team 

The UNB website is governed by the web strategy team in accordance with the UNB web strategy 2015-16 (approved by the President's Executive Team in Dec. 2015).

  • Associate Vice-President, Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Director, Operations, ITS
  • Director of Marketing 
  • Director of Communications
  • AVP, Student Recruitment and Strategic Enrolment Management 

Information Technology Services

UNB's Information Technology Services team governs the technology that supports and enables UNB's online presence. 

Marketing Office 

UNB's Marketing Office governs the content of UNB's external-facing online presence. 

Marketing established a Web Advisory Committee (WAC) to inform its decision-making around the prioritization and roll-out of the 2015+ website refresh. 

Web Advisory Committee members (2019)

  • Associate Vice-President (Saint John)
  • Dean, Graduate Studies 
  • Associate Vice-President, Student Recruitment and Strategic Enrolment Management 
  • Associate Vice-President Academic (Learning Environment)
  • Director and Senior Advisor, President's Office 
  • Human Rights Officer 

Roll-out plan

In January of 2017, the committee approved a website redevelopment schedule that saw websites prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to UNB's strategic enrolment goals
  • Advancing academic mission of the university
  • Revenue generation
  • Contribution to UNB's strategic priorities
  • Information architecture
  • Website traffic

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