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Web and social media

Digital marketing

We live in a digital era. We believe that the beauty and vibrance of our campuses deserve to be reflected in our online presence. And we believe that a modern, engaging online presence is vital to achieving our goals.

As strategic partners in the development and oversight of UNB's online presence, the digital marketing team is here to support you! We'll help you choose the right tactics to meet your objectives, tailor and present your message in a way that fits the audience and the channel, and help you demonstrate your success.

Social media

We oversee UNB's social media landscape and institutional social media strategy. We can help with:

  • Advice on guidelines, trends & best practices
  • Strategy development
  • Strategic social media campaign planning
  • Social media software
  • Training & support
  • Mitigating and managing reputational risks

Check out our Social Media Hub for more information on strategy, best practices and tips! 

Web content & digital communications

The UNB website is the online face of our institution. Our digital marketing team oversees content on the UNB homepage and overall landscape of our external-facing web presence. We can help with:

  • Tips and tricks on writing for the web
  • Developing engaging web content (writing, visuals and multimedia)
  • Training on UNB's web content standards and best practices
  • Sharing stories and successes in a way that strengthens the UNB brand
  • Website redesign and development

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