Phase 4: Creative Campaign Development & Production | UNB

Phase 4: Creative concept

Reintroducing UNB to the world 

#OnlyHere campaign

Creative campaign development & production

During Phase 4 we developed an exciting advertising campaign to introduce UNB to the province, the country and the world. The campaign has been developed to highlight our brand positioning identified in Phase 2 and new logos developed in Phase 3.

A key factor in the selection of the creative campaign was the qualitative and quantitative research. We took three creative campaigns into our qualitative research. In this stage, we asked high school students from Atlantic Canada and Ontario to share their thoughts on how the campaign would impact their opinion of UNB.

Based on the qualitative feedback received, we narrowed the campaign to two areas. We then asked you – the UNB community – to tell us your thoughts. We heard from over 2,500 of you, and an additional 800 applicants, high school students, and parents.

From your feedback we found that:

  • 59% of all respondents say that our winning campaign best fits with the positioning statement: “an engaging and supportive hotbed of creativity and innovation at the oldest English university in Canada”.
  • 70% of high school students said our winning campaign will make people interested in learning more about UNB.
  • 65% of current UNB students said our winning campaign makes them proud to be associated with UNB.

Our winning campaign, #OnlyHere, launched in fall 2015.

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