Phase 3: Brand architecture

Redefining our visual identity 

Phase 3 consisted of outlining the relationship between the UNB institutional brand and UNB's sub-brands (faculties, departments, centres, and institutes) and how those relationships will be visually represented.

The new brand architecture has been reviewed with the key internal stakeholders listed below:

  • Brand Management Committee
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Deans Council
  • University Communications & Marketing Working Group
  • Fredericton Faculty
  • Directors
  • Saint John Senior Administrators
  • President’s Executive Team

Visual identity development

While we continue to examine our brand, one key element to explore is our current visual identity and evaluate if it is delivering on our objectives. To do this we researched six different options for our new visual identity.

Our research set out to shed light on five key areas:

  • Affinity for the current UNB logo (or lack thereof).
  • Reaction to visual identity alternatives (including the current logo).
  • Which of the visual identities was most strongly identified with our brand foundation.
  • Whether UNB’s founding year 1785 should be included in our visual identity.
  • What associations each visual identity option generates.

What did we find?

  • There is clear support for including 1785 in the visual identity – from both campuses. This is consistent with the brand research, which strongly stated that we wanted to be one university with two campuses.
  • A bolder setting of UNB was appealing, as it felt bold and modern.
  • The sail should be maintained.

These findings informed and educated us in the final direction for the new logo:

The brand architecture was developed through continuing our work with ds+p, a brand communications agency with 12+ years experience producing award-winning communications within post-secondary education.

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To request information about UNB's brand architecture or to obtain the visual identity research report, please contact Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing, or email

This project is made possible through the generous support of UNB donors.