'Why UNB' Brand Project Process

Here are the 6 phases of the ‘Why UNB?’ brand project.

Phase 6

The ‘Why UNB?’ project began in 2011 to address the changes and challenges facing UNB in the highly competitive world of post-secondary education.

Since Phase 1, the project has engaged over 9,000 members of the UNB community. We thank everyone for providing their thoughts and feedback throughout the various stages of the ‘Why UNB?’ project. The project would not have been possible without your participation.

The ‘Why UNB?’ project began with Phase 1’s qualitative and quantitative research. In this first phase, over 4,000 members of the UNB community shared their thoughts and feedback about the future of the university.

In Phase 2 we defined our brand foundation, leveraging feedback from over 350 faculty, staff and students. Our brand foundation is a beacon for all of us at UNB. It provides a filter for decision-making and helps all of us make choices about what is truly important for our university. It will help ensure we are all telling the same story every time we talk about UNB, and provides consistency that will help drive awareness and comprehension about what we stand for.

In Phase 3, Brand Architecture & Visual Identity Development, we explored the relationship between the UNB institutional brand and the UNB sub-brands (colleges, centres, institutes), and then re-examined our visual identity and logo. We then asked for your thoughts and feedback to our logos and 1,500 of you responded. Your thoughts and feedback helped us understand what is important to communicate our brand foundation. To review the full findings and outcomes for please see Phase 3: Brand Architecture & Visual Identity Development

Building on our brand foundation, brand architecture and visual identity, we entered Phase 4: Creative Campaign Development & Production. In Phase 4 we developed and tested our creative campaign. We leveraged both qualitative and quantitative testing to determine the strongest campaign to build stronger awareness and consideration of UNB here at home, across the country and around the world.

In conjunction with Phase 4, we launched Phase 5: Brand Training & Internal Campaign Launch. In Phase 5, we internally launched the UNB brand and campaign to the UNB community.

Phase 6 was the Public Creative Campaign Launch. This was the first time we communicated our new brand to the public. It marked the beginning of working to continue to deliver on our brand foundation – a process that will continue over several years. Every one of us at UNB is a part of delivering on our brand, and we thank you for your involvement and support.

An internal Brand Management Committee worked closely with Communications and Marketing throughout the entire project.

For more information, please contact Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing Office, or email brand@unb.ca.

This project was made possible through the generous support of UNB donors.