Brand Management Committee

The Brand Management Committee served as the planning and advisory body for the UNB brand project. This included providing strategic guidance throughout all stages of the brand project.

Brand Management Committee Membership
Dr. (Eddy) Campbell, President and Vice-Chancellor (Executive Sponsor)
Bob Skillen, VP (Advancement)
Sonya Gilks, Director, Communications
Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing (Project Manager)
Dax MacLean, Executive Director, UFirst Recruitment (Fredericton)
Laurelle LeVert, Associate Vice-President, UNB Saint John
Lloyd Henderson, Assistant Vice-President (Recruitment and Strategic Enrolment Management)
Peter McGill, Executive Director, Saint John College
Peter Coates, Director, Development and Donor Relations
Margaret Grant-McGivney, Executive Director, Associated Alumni
Devashis Mitra, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration (Fredericton)
Fazley Siddiq, Dean, Faculty of Business (Saint John)
Joanna Everitt, Dean, Faculty of Arts (Saint John)
Ann Sherman, Dean of Education (Fredericton)
Kevin Englehart, Professor and Associate Director, Institute of Biomedical, Engineering (Fredericton)
Bruce MacDonald, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Biology (Saint John)
Peter McDougall, Associate Vice-President (HR)
Ed Biden, Professor, Mechanical Engineering (Fredericton)
Dominic Blakely, Director and Senior Advisor, President’s Office
Shelley Pelkey, alumni (Fredericton)
Emilie Chiasson, student, Dean’s list (Fredericton)
Donald Wright, Associate Professor, Political Science (Fredericton)
Anthony Enman, student, Liaison Officer | Student Recruitment (Saint John)
Neil Hawker, Senior Enterprise Visual Designer
Jill Jollineau, Alumni (Saint John)
Liz Lemon-Mitchell, Director, Communications & Operations, Business Administration
Chris Houliez, Associate Professor, Business Administration (Saint John)

For more information, please contact Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing, or email

This project is made possible through the generous support of UNB donors.