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Brand toolkit 

Brand book

The UNB Brand Book is your key resource for getting to know the UNB brand and visual identity. Broken up into six sections, the Brand Book covers the crucial components that will make your project truly reflective of the UNB brand so that we can tell our story to the world in a dynamic way.

Consistency equals impact. In the links below, you will find information to help you achieve your best results as you work to produce materials that support the collective voice of who we are. You will also find a link below to the Brand Cheat Sheet, an easily-referenced guide covering the core elements of the brand and visual identity.

Brand foundation

Campaign brand book

The 'UNB is here’ campaign shows the impact that people of UNB are having on the lives of others. It pairs vibrant imagery with tailored messaging to highlight the impact a person from UNB is making. 

'UNB is here' Campaign Brand Book


The newly-developed UNB primary logo and the associated suite of visual identity assets leveraging this logo are the key identifiers on all materials representing UNB as a whole, as well as faculties and units across both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses.

Consistent use of the UNB logos across all types of media will strengthen the university’s visual identity and support our brand.


Our templates have been provided as guidance for when you are developing UNB material. These templates have been designed to assist in ensuring a consistent look across all UNB collateral, and are meant to form a strong foundation for the UNB visual identity.

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