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#OnlyHere campaign

Our #OnlyHere campaign is about showcasing unique, innovative and significant aspects of a university experience that you'll only find at UNB. Our social series brings these stories to life - in your own words.

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UNB marketing blog

Updates, tips and tricks from your university marketers

Common web mistakes you don’t want to make

We’re here to help you fix common web mistakes, improve your user experience and optimize your content so that it’s not only tailored to your audience’s needs, but will also have a bigger impact on Google.

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Influencer marketing: If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out

With audiences craving a more personal experience on social media, influencer marketing is on the rise. But how can you recruit a social media influencer to promote your unit?

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Social media trends 2019: This time, it's personal

This year, the brands that are successful in delivering personalized experiences to their audiences are the ones coming out on top. Stay ahead of the game by following these social media trends in 2019.

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Why do I need strategic objectives?

Strategic objectives lay the foundation for any successful marketing plan. Learn how to identify SMART objectives and how to choose key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success.

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Marketing Office Feedback Survey Update

Last year, the Marketing Office launched a feedback survey to the University-Wide Communications and Marketing Working Group (UWCMWG). As the academic year comes to an end, we’re re-visiting these priorities to see how we delivered!

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