Incoming NB High School Students Fall 2022

Admission for Fall 2022 New Brunswick High School Students

Students from New Brunswick applying for Fall 2022 admission will be required to meet all admission requirements.

The UNB Admissions Office will accept a “CR” as meeting the minimum grade requirements for individual course prerequisites.

Students who have obtained a “ENR” in any of the prerequisite courses required for admission are advised to retake the course in order to receive a final grade. Final ENR grades cannot be used to meet admission requirements. Where applicable, students may use a higher-level course (advanced, AP or IB) to meet minimum requirements (e.g. ENGL 121 may be used in place of ENGL 122; or Calculus 120 may be used in place of Precalculus A and B).

Early Admission

Early admission based on grade 11 final grades (which have been traditionally used as predictor grades) will continue for non-competitive programs*. Students who have received ENR grades in their grade 11 predictor classes (e.g. in CHEM 112 for programs requiring CHEM 122), can be assessed on their grade 12 mid-term grades if these are provided to the Admissions Office directly from the high school.   Students who do not have at least three predictor grades (either grade 11 final grades or grade 12 mid-term grades) will be deferred until first-semester grade 12 grades are received by the Admissions Office. 

Students applying for admission should have their transcripts sent directly by the school to the Admissions Office electronically if possible. Please expect delays for transcripts that have been mailed.

Applicants who are given tentative offers of admission must meet minimum admission requirements upon receipt of their final grades. Offers of admission are conditional upon the successful completion of the program admission requirements. The University reserves the right to withdraw offers of admission for students who fail to meet minimum requirements.

How do I apply for scholarships?

The 2022-23 entrance scholarship application is available online until Mar. 1, 2022 see scholarships

New Brunswick students will be assessed for scholarship opportunities once they’ve been admitted into an undergraduate degree program and after Admissions receives their first term grade 12 grades.