General Information

Credentials Awarded, Degrees Confirmed and Enrolment figures provided in this section are based on information reported to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC).

Important Definitions

First Professional Degree: Undergraduate and graduate entry degrees generally required to practice a licensed or regulated profession. At UNB this includes Law and some Education programs.

Program: General program categories have been developed for the Atlantic Common University Data Set, which are based on coding used by Statistics Canada (Classification of Instructional Programs).

Registration Status (full or part-time): Definitions for full and part-time status are based on the number of courses and the program a student is taking, as calculated by the MPHEC. Students who are not considered to be registered are excluded in enrolment figures. Co-op students who are on a work term with no course activity are excluded; however, Co-op students on a work term with course activity are included as part-time students.


Partnership Programs: UNB has several programs which are based in other countries or provinces. Students in these programs are not included in the enrolment figures; however, degrees granted through them are included in the Credentials Awarded figures.