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Connecting UNB students and New Brunswick businesses for COVID-19 relief

The University of New Brunswick is launching Catalyst, a program to help support our communities as they adapt to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Catalyst gives New Brunswick businesses access to some of UNB’s brightest and most talented students for assistance in immediate COVID-19 recovery and long-term strategy development.

Through Catalyst, students — supported by UNB faculty members and researchers — will develop opportunities for businesses to engage with interdisciplinary consulting groups for information about:

  • the complexity of COVID-19 response
  • post-pandemic economic recovery
  • opportunities for innovative responses to current and future challenges

Why Catalyst

New Brunswick is among the top performers on the continent in addressing COVID-19. However, businesses have still had to learn to adapt quickly to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. They have been struggling with:

  • online orders
  • curbside pickups
  • order volumes to which they are not accustomed
  • general process changes for a modern consumer

No charge for businesses

With support from the Province of New Brunswick, students have been hired by the Catalyst program and their expertise is available at no cost to partnering businesses.

Get involved

At this time we are no longer accepting applications.