Campus Closet

The Campus Closet is committed to promoting access to work attire on an as-needed basis, so everyone has the best chance at success.

The Campus Closet provides students with no-cost career attire for interviews, presentations and experiential learning placements.


Appointments can be scheduled by logging into ExperienceUNB.

Click the Campus Closet link under Experiential Education in the side navigation bar.

Click Book an Appointment, accept the COVID-19 safety protocols, and select from the three options to book an appointment. Use the View Calendar option to see all available appointment times. 

Select a time and fill in the intake form with your basic information. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to return the items I receive from Campus Closet?

You are not required to return the clothing that you receive from Campus Closet. If you no longer need the items you received, you can donate them back to Campus Closet at any time.

Where is Campus Closet located?

Campus Closet is located on the ground floor of the Wu Centre. A gender-neutral washroom is around the corner, and the location is accessible to those using mobility aids.

Where can I donate clothing?

Please email for any donation inquiries.

How much does the clothing cost?

All clothing from Campus Closet is available at no-cost.

What types of clothing are available at Campus Closet?

Campus Closet’s inventory changes based on the number of current donations. Campus Closet cannot guarantee the availability of all sizes and types of items. However, the following items are typically available:

  • Jackets/Blazers
  • Professional Shirts
  • Professional Dresses
  • Trousers/Dress Pants
  • Ties

If there is a specific item that you’re looking for, email for more information.

Who is eligible to use Campus Closet?

All current UNB students are eligible to use Campus Closet, regardless of degree level.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more? Are you interested in donating new and/or gently used items? Bring them to the Wu Centre office or contact