International Studies

The University of New Brunswick at Saint John offers a double major in International Studies. This interdisciplinary program permits students to combine studies in Language, Culture, Politics, Economics, History, and Literature and offers a comprehensive introduction to global and regional developments.

Programme of Study

The International Studies Program is one half of a double major in the Faculty of Arts.

IS 1001 and either POLS 2601 or POLS 2301 are required courses. Students who double major in IS and Politics can count either POLS 2601 or POLS 2301 toward their IS program. A grade of C in both IS 1001 and either POLS 2601 or POLS 2301 is the minimum grade requirement for a Major in International Studies. Students apply for permission to Major in International Studies during the session in which they complete 20 term-courses of study. Students entering the IS Program must have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 (B-). To complete the double Major in IS students must maintain a "B-" average overall in their IS courses and in the IS designated electives with no grade lower than a "C". IS 4501 is a specialized courses intended mainly for Majors. Students must satisfy the prerequisite requirements for all upper level courses. Any student in any program may take IS 1001 or POLS 2601 or POLS 2301 as an elective.

Double counting courses in the IS program will not be permitted.

For a list of IS eligible electives contact the Department of History and Politics.

Double Major in International Studies

Lower level requirements: (6 term-courses)
Students must, in their first 20 term-courses, meet the regular Faculty of Arts breadth requirements. Students must include in their program the following:
a. IS 1001 and POLS 2601 or POLS 2301
b. 4 term-courses of a modern language other than English

Upper level requirements: (8 term-courses)
Students must complete a minimum of 8 upper level term-courses. These courses must include:
a. IS 4501 : Research Project in International Studies (one term-course). This course is limited to students with IS 1001 and POLS 2601 or POLS 2301 and 3 term-courses of IS designated electives or to those with permission of the instructor.
b. A minimum of 7 term-courses selected from related disciplinary electives determined in consultation with the International Studies program advisor(s). Students will be advised in their first and second year that many upper level related disciplinary electives have specific prerequisites that must be completed for these upper level courses to be selected.

For the double Major in a discipline, students will be required to meet the double Majors requirement for one of the existing Faculty of Arts disciplines. These requirements vary - please consult the calendar for further details.

Minor in International Studies

The minor in International Studies will consist of IS 1001 and POLS 2601 or POLS 2301, two term-courses in a language other than English, and a minimum of 4 upper level courses selected from related disciplinary electives determined in consultation with the International Studies program advisor(s). A grade of C or better is required in all courses to be counted for the minor in IS. A minor must be declared at the same time as the major.