SPAN1203Introductory Spanish I3 ch

Designed to give beginners a sound basic knowledge of Spanish. Explains fundamentals of grammar with some reading at the elementary level. Language laboratory available for oral practice.

SPAN1204Introductory Spanish II3 ch

Continuation of SPAN 1203

Prerequisite: SPAN 1203 or equivalent. 

SPAN3011Hispanic American Civilization3 ch

Various aspects of Hispanic American civilization are examined, including geography, history, art, literature, society and contemporary problems. 

Pre-requisite: SPAN 2204 or permission of the instructor.

SPAN2203Intermediate Spanish I3 ch

Designed to consolidate and to develop language skills acquired in SPAN 1203 and SPAN 1204 . Fundamentals of grammar will be completed and modern Spanish and Spanish American authors read. Audio-visual materials are also used.

Prerequisite: SPAN 1204 or equivalent. 

SPAN2204Intermediate Spanish II3 ch

Continuation of SPAN 2203.

Prerequisite: SPAN 2203 or equivalent.

SPAN3007Fundamentals of Spanish Language and Culture (O)3 ch (3C)

This intensive course combines the study of language and culture and targets the development of all four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing to extend intermediate-level proficiency. It also offers an opportunity to create a contemporary, and interesting context for meaningful communication with the Spanish-speaking world.  

Prerequisite: SPAN 2204 or permission of the instructor. 

SPAN3974Contemporary Spanish American Prose Fiction3 ch (3S)

Representative novels and short stories by Spanish-American writers including Borges, Vargas, Llosa, Garcia Marquez, and Paz whose works exemplify the social conflicts and ideological contradictions of the region. Taught in Spanish. 

Prerequisite: SPAN 2204 or permission of the instructor. 

SPAN3101Special Topics3 ch

This course focuses on specialized areas of interest. Taught primarily in Spanish.  

Prerequisite: SPAN 2204 or permission of the instructor.