NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

Nursing program description.

NURS1011Nursing as a Profession3 ch (3C)

Introduction to the foundations, heritage and practices of nursing as a profession. Examines UNB nursing curriculum and philosophy.

NURS1020Interprofessional Health Mentor Experience1 ch (1C)

Introduction to Interprofessional education and practice delivered through an innovative learning opportunity through partnerships with Dalhousie Medicine and NBCC. Students will have opportunities to develop interprofessionol communication skills and understandings of interprofessional patient/client-centered care through learning about chronic conditions and/or disabilities and their management from the perspecitve of persons living with conditions/disabilities.

Co-requisites: NURS 1011, NURS 1032. For BN students only.
NURS1032Professional Relationships3ch (2C 1T)

Introduction to the theoretical foundations of caring, relational aspects of caring in nursing practice, and beginning counselling skills.

NURS1225Nursing and Wellness3 ch (3C)

Explores the concepts of wellness, health and illness within the framework of primary health care.

Prerequisites: NURS 1011, NURS 1032.

Co-requisite: NURS 1235

NURS1235Clinical Practice: Nursing and Wellness3 ch (9L)

Supplements NURS 1225. Designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply theory and acquire skills in clinical environments.

Prerequisites: NURS 1032, NURS 1011.

Co-requisite: NURS 1225

NURS2011Concepts for Professional Nursing Practice3 ch (3C)

Includes core concepts (health, client, environment, nursing), nursing standards, professional issues (ethics, legal, collaboration) and primary health care with particular emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. For BN/RN and LPN Bridge students only.

NURS2041Health Assessment4 ch (3C 1L)

Addresses physical, psycho-social and cultural assessment throughout the lifespan with an emphasis on adults. The nurse's role in health promotion is explored. Includes a lab component.

NURS2052Clinical Decision Making3 ch (2C 3L)

A hybrid course that combines concepts essential for a comprehensive health assessment, safe delivery of medications in a complex care environment, and lab experiences in physiology. Using a primary health care framework, the course will enhance clinical judgement, interpretation of clinical findings, and appropriate nursing actions that result from both. This course is intended for LPN Bridge students only. 

NURS2063Concentrated Clinical Practice I4ch (12L)

An integrative practice experience with young families and/or individual client and their families living with chronic health and or mental health challenges. 

Prerequisites: All Year 2 nursing courses and BIOL 2831, BIOL 2852.

NURS2132Pharmacology3 ch (3C)

Includes theory and principles of pharmacology relevant to nursing. Provides knowledge to administer medications, provide client education and assess potential for adverse events related to medication and lifestyle issues. Theory will include basic legal and safety issues related to drug administration by the nurse.

Prerequisites: All required nursing and non-nursing courses in the fall term of Year 2.

Corequisite: BIOL 2852 

NURS2135Chronic Health Challenges3 ch (3C)

Focuses on the impact and influences of long-term health challenges on individual clients and their families. Examines rehabilitative and supportive nursing practice.

Prerequisite: NURS 1235.

Co-requisiteNURS 2157, NURS 2041, BIOL 2831.

NURS2145Mental Health Challenges3 ch (3C)

Explores the experiences of persons living with mental illnesses and examines related nursing therapeutics.

Prerequisites: NURS 2041, NURS 2135, NURS 2157, BIOL 2831.

Co-requisite. NURS 2189.

NURS2157Clinical Practicum I4 ch (12L)

In various clinical settings, students will be provided opportunities to assess, plan, implement and evaluate care while supporting individual clients and their families living with chronic health challenges. 

Pre and Co-requisites: NURS 2135, NURS 2041, BIOL 2831.

NURS2177Young Families' Health3 ch (3C)

Focuses on promoting the health of childbearing and child-rearing families. Encompasses the childbearing experience. 

Prerequisites: NURS 2041, NURS 2135 and NURS 2157.

Co-requisite: NURS 2189.

NURS2189Clinical Practicum II3 ch (9L)

Provides students with the opportunity to apply theory and acquire skills in practice environments. 

Pre and Co-requisites: NURS 2135, NURS 2145 or NURS 2177

NURS3033Communications in Health Care3 ch (2C 1T)

Explores more advanced skills in helping relationships with patients/clients, and focuses on the development of skills related to effective collaboration with members of intra-professional and inter-professional health care teams. Cross listed with HSCI 3033.

Prerequisites: Completion of Year 2 NURS courses or designated LPN Bridge courses.

NURS3061Issues in the Canadian Health Care System 2 ch (2C)

This course focuses on the history and organization of the Health Care System and discusses current health care issues. Cross listed with HSCI 3061.

Prerequisites: NURS 2063 for BN students, all required LPN Bridge Courses for BN/LPN students and NURS 2011 for BN/RN students.

Co-requisite: NURS 3092.
NURS3064Community Development I4 ch (4C)

Focuses on community assessment and program planning in institutional and non-institutional settings. Students assess primary health care needs of a community, and are involved with planning, implementing, and evaluating health care programs for target groups.

Prerequisites: NURS 2063 for BN students, all required LPN Bridge courses for BN/LPN students and NURS 2011 for BN/RN students.

Co-requisite: NURS 3092.
NURS3067Clinical Practicum: Community Development I4 ch (12L)

Emphasis is placed on applying program development skills in community settings.

Prerequisites: NURS 2063 for BN students, all required LPN Bridge courses for BN/LPN students and NURS 2011 for BN/RN students.

Co-requisites: NURS 3064 and NURS 3092.
NURS3071Acute Health Challenges3 ch (3C)

Examines the client’s experience of acute health challenges, with a focus on nursing therapeutics. 

Prerequisites: All required nusring and non- nursing courses in fall-term of year 3.

Co-requisite: NURS 3073.

NURS3073Clinical Practice: Acute Health Challenges4 ch (12L)

Complements and supplements NURS 3071

NURS3081Theoretical Foundations of Nursing3 ch (3C)

Explores theoretical foundations of nursing practice and research, including critical analysis of theories and concepts related to nursing.

Prerequisite: NURS 3092 for BN and BN/RN students. 

NURS3092Nursing Research (Cross-Listed: HSCI 3091)3 ch (3C)

Introduces the purpose, process and utilization of nursing research. Introduces an exploration of the interrelationship between theory and practice and critique of published reports. 

Prerequisite or co-requisite: STAT 2263 or approved substitute. 

NURS3167Clinical Practicum: Integrated Care2ch (6L)

Provides students with the opportunity to apply theory and acquire skills in practice environment continuing with Population Health Promotion with an emphasis on health policy.

Prerequisites: NURS 3064, NURS 3067, NURS 3092.
NURS3703Concentrated Clinical Practice II4 ch (12L)

An integrative experience to practice acquired and new nursing skills in institutional settings.

Prerequisites: All required year three nursing courses and BIOL 3251.

NURS4142Issues and Leadership in Nursing Practice3 ch (3C)

Critically evaluates current issues affecting the nursing profession, including concepts relating to nursing leadership and nursing management as well as the influence of organizational structures on nursing work. Examines mandates of nursing professional associations, unions, and the Acts and Standards (including ethics) governing nursing practice.

 Prerequisites: Completion of Year 3 courses for BN students; completion of NURS 2011 for BN/RN students. 

NURS4152Concentrated Clinical Practice III12 ch (36L)

A preceptored clinical experience in which student learning is facilitated by a registered nurse preceptor in one nursing practice setting and a nursing program representative in a faculty liaison role.

NURS4211Families with Multiple Challenges3 ch (3C)

Explores the impact of complex health challenges on the family. Examines the implications for nursing practice. 

 Prerequisites: NURS 3703 for BN students. NURS 3092 and NURS 2011 for BN/RN students. 

Co-requisite: NURS 4321, NURS 4322 for BN students. 

NURS4234Independent Study3 ch

An elective independent study program under the guidance of a faculty member is pursued on the basis of student interest in any area of nursing. Faculty approval required.

NURS4321Nursing in Complex Situations3 ch (3C)

Explores clients’ experiences of complex health challenges. Examines related nursing therapeutics with an emphasis on clinical judgment and decision making. 

Prerequisite: NURS 3703.

Co-requisite: NURS 4322.

NURS4322Clinical Practicum: Nursing in Complex Situations4 ch (12L)

Provides students with the opportunity to care for families who have at least one member experiencing an acute or chronic illness. 

Prerequisite: NURS 3703 for BN students.

Co-requisites: NURS 4321 and NURS 4211.