NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

Education progam description.

ED3021Human Development and Learning: An Overview3 ch

A study of theory, methods and research findings in infancy and childhood. Examines social, cognitive, emotional and physical development. Credit will not be granted for both PSYC 2201 and ED 3021. NOTE: Open to Education Students only.

Prerequisites: PSYC 1003 and PSYC 1004.

ED3024Understanding the Adult Learner (O)3 ch (3C)

Explores the characteristics of learners in formal and nonformal education settings and identifies learning processes and conditions as they influence adult learning.

ED3031The Education of Exceptional Learners3 ch (3C)

Provides the student with an introduction to the field of knowledge associated with exceptional learners.

ED3041The Theory and Practice of Education 3 ch (3C)

A study of dominant theories which influence and shape educational thinking and practice today. Key ideas, their origins, their current representatives, and the transposition of ideas into educational applications will be discussed.

ED3051School Law and Organization3 ch (3C)

An overview of the legal, organizational, financial and professional aspects of schools and school systems.

ED3061Students, Schools, Equity and Social Justice (O)3 ch (3C)

Explores the social, economic, cultural and political contexts of learners’ lives, discourses of social differences, equity and social justice. Topics include: sexism, gender bias, racism, class oppression, homophobia, and heterosexism, harassment and violence, and the questions these issues raise for schools, curricula and classroom practice.

ED3211Introductions to Visual Education3 ch

Addresses the history, rationales, developmental theories, curriculum planning, and basic art-making skills essential for teaching art at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Visual understanding and how it can be increased through school art programs is a key consideration. 

ED3241Music for the Classroom Teacher3 ch (3C)

Outlines the materials in the music curriculum that the classroom teacher might be expected to teach, plus a study of various ways to integrate music into the general classroom curriculum.

ED3361Internet Literacy (O)3 ch (3C) (LE)

Theoretical issues arising from Internet, along with practical skills needed to gain familiarity with this network. How Internet challenges the way we create, disseminate, acquire and own knowledge.

ED3362Access to Literacy (O)3 ch (3C)

Although the teaching of reading is regarded as one of the fundamental tasks of the school system, there is relatively little attention paid to what is being read. In this course students will learn; how to find out about books; how to recognize a genuine work of imaginative literature when they encounter one; and how to talk about books among themselves and with children.

ED3415Developing Numeracy3 ch

The study of number relationships and approaches to developing number sense in children and adults.

ED3424Teaching Elementary School Mathematics3 ch (3C)

Focus on appropriate methodology for teaching mathematics at the elementary school level. Students must demonstrate competency in the mathematics content underlying the curriculum prior to completion of this course. 

Prerequisite: MATH 2633 or a MATH course approved by the Education Coordinator.

ED3474Health & Movement Education in the Elementary School3 ch (3C)
Examines curriculum and pedagogy in elementary health and physical education programs.
ED3511Introduction to Science Education3 ch (3C)

An introduction to the teaching of science across and for particular learner levels.

ED3561Introduction to Second Language Education3 ch

An overview of the theories of learning and teaching in the Second Language context with particular emphasis on a Communicative, multi-dimensional and multi-resource methodology. (ED 4565 can be taken in place of ED 3561 but students cannot count both towards the TESL certificate).

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 10 term-courses with a GPA of 2.7. or better, advanced written and spoken English language skills.
ED3563Initiation à la didactique du français langue seconde (FLS)3 ch

Étude des caractéristiques et des objectifs de divers programmes de FLS (par ex., français de base, immersion avec l’accent sur le français intensif). Examen des fondements de l'apprentissage, de l’enseignement et de l’évaluation du FLS. Élaboration et application d’activités communicatives. This course will be taught only in French. 

Prerequisite: A French oral proficiency certificate with a minimum level of Advanced from the New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development or permission of the instructor.

ED3563Introduction to French Second Language Education and Intensive French (FI)3 ch

In this course students will study the characteristics and objectives of various French Second Language programs (core French, Immersion with an emphasis on Intensive French).Students will also examine the basis of learning, teaching and assessment in French Second Language education.Communicative activities will be explored and created.This course will be taught only in French.

Prerequisite: A French oral proficiency certificate with a minimum level of Advanced from the New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development or permission of the instructor.
ED3621Introduction to Social Studies (O)3 ch (3C)

Consideration of the history of Social studies, debates about the content of social studies and the current state of social studies in Canada.

ED3641Geography in Education (O)3 ch (3C) (2L)

Scope and purpose of geography in education. Trends and source materials, including the use of maps, air photos and satellite images. Two laboratory sessions.

ED3803Service Learning in Elementary Education3 ch (3C)

This course will enable participating students to gain some early practical and hands-on experience in a community school. By providing direct service to a local area school, students will have an opportunity to confirm that their chosen pursuit of a career in the teaching profession. The experience gained in this course will also allow students to see and experience first hand the diversity of learners that are present in the public school system.

Prerequisite: ED 4164.

ED4003Field Experience I for BEd Concurrent Students

Field experience for BEd concurrent students. Must be completed before ED 5000 Practicum.

Prerequisite: ED 4164 Techniques of Teaching. 

ED4164Techniques of Teaching3 ch (3C)

Students will learn to design lessons to meet a variety of teaching situations. Classroom skills will be learned and practiced in mini-teaching sessions in front of peers and a supervising faculty member. Causes of student behaviour problems will be analyzed and strategies for dealing with disruptive students developed. This course is mandatory for first year BA/BEd students and a prerequisite for ED 4003 Field Experience I for BEd Concurrent Students (SJ).

ED4211Integrated Learning Through Art (O)3 ch (3C)

Art education theories and practices as they apply to learning across the curriculum.

ED4353Literacy for Struggling Readers K-5 (A)3 ch (3C)

Classroom learning philosophies and arrangements for children who are struggling readers.

Prerequisite: Must be a BEd student or teacher upgrading. 

ED4354Literacy Learning in Early Years (O)3 ch (3C)

Current theories of the nature of literacy learning and their relationship to instructional practices in the early years.

ED4451Health Education (O)3 ch (3C)

Examines curriculum and pedagogy in a range of elementary, middle and secondary school programs that come under the rubric of health education. Includes analyses of underlying assumptions, the organization of knowledge, and pedagogical approaches to this subject area.

ED4562Advanced Studies in ESL Education 3 ch (3C)

Examines communicative language teaching in the context of classrooms. Emphasizes varied teaching methods, curriculum development, and evaluation of second language learning.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 10 term-courses; as well as ED 3561 or ED 4565.

Co-or Pre-requisite: LING 2101 or equivalent (3 ch).
ED4565ESL for the Classroom Teacher3 ch (3C) (LE)

This course is designed for classroom teachers, and future classroom teachers who have English Language Learners, (ELLS) in their classrooms. Topics to be examined include; Second Language Learning, Sheltered Instruction, Teaching Strategies, the S.I.O.P. (Sheltered Instruction Observational Protocol) Model and Assessment. ED 3561 can be taken in place of ED 4565 but students cannot count both towards the TESL certificate.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 10 term-courses, advanced written and spoken English Language skills.
ED4791Basic and Applied Nutrition (O)3 ch (3C)

Basic concepts in nutrition across the lifespan; nutritional assessment; nutrition information, education and other change strategies; and current nutrition issues.

ED5013Special Topics in Education3 ch (3C)

In consultation with the Education Coordinator.

ED5032Inclusion from the Early Years3 ch (3C)

An examination of personal, societal and school assumptions about the meaning and importance of inclusion in life and learning from childhood. Inclusive methods of education will be examined.

Prerequisite: ED 3031.

ED5040Internship for Concurrent Education15 ch

A 15 week Practicum for students in local schools. CGPA of at least 2.7 and criminal record check are required. Along with the prerequisites, students normally should have completed the two Education electives before taking the Practicum. 

Prerequisites: All required Education courses and 30 term-courses in BA degree.

ED5046Education at Risk Students (O)3 ch (3C)

Characteristics of the at-risk student. Psychological, social, and economic effects of dropping out. Remedial strategies involving learning, teaching, counseling, school climate, and school organization. Exemplary programs for at-risk students and for dropout prevention.

ED5091Learning Disabilities: Introduction3 ch (3C)

Concepts, definitions and terminology. A preventive approach.

ED5096Behavioural/Emotional Disorders: Introduction (O)3 ch (3C)

An overview of various emotional and behavioural disorders of children and young people and the ways in which coping and management strategies can be applied to develop self-discipline and control. 

Prerequisite: ED 3031.

ED5102Curriculum and Evaluation in the Early Years (O)3 ch (3C)

Examines characteristics of early years learners and the role of the teacher as observer and curriculum developer in theory and practice. 

Prerequisite: ED 3041.

ED5161Curriculum Theory (O)3 ch (3C)

Theory, current trends, and the role of the teacher in curriculum development. 

Prerequisite: ED 3041.

ED5175Classroom Assessment (O)3 ch (3C)

Concepts and principles: teacher made tests, standardized tests, test construction, selection, administration and interpretation across the curriculum. 

Prerequisite: ED 3051.

ED5191Independent Studies (O)3 ch

Students will normally be limited to only 3ch of independent study. 

Prerequisite: Permission of an instructor is required before registration.

ED5566Field Experience in TESL3 ch

Supervised field experience for students in an environment in which they can both observe qualified instructors and participate in planning and teaching English as second or additional language. (The course does not qualify for the 4 term-courses of ED courses which may be applied to the BA degree).

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 10 term-courses; as well as ED 3561 or ED 4565.

Co- or Pre-requisite: LING 2101 or equivalent (3 ch).
ED5976Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum (O)3 ch (3C) (1L)

A critical examination of the role of instructional technology across the curriculum. Technologies and strategies for integration to enhance classroom instruction will be developed and evaluated.