First Nations Studies

Includes courses reserved for students registered in courses administered by the Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre for First Nations Students.

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding. 

ABRG1001Essential Skills for Wolastoqey/Mi'kmaq Students3 ch (2C 3L)
Students will explore the purpose of higher education as well as the roles and responsibilities that students have in determining their own success. The course will prepare students for university by helping them to develop appropriate research, writing and reflective thinking skills while exploring the relationship between education, language, culture and identity as well as the importance of a healthy balance in one's life as a contributor to success (for students registered in courses administered by Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre only).
ABRG1411Finite Mathematics3 ch

Introductory mathematics for students with a limited background in mathematics. Topics include algebra, coordinate geometry, matrices and systems of linear equations, linear programming concepts, and elementary probability (for students registered in courses administered by Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre Institute only).

ABRG1412Elementary Calculus3 ch
Polynomial, logarithmic and exponential functions. Limits and derivatives. Simple integration. Applications to business and economics (for students registered in courses administered by Mi'kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre only).
ABRG3055First Nations Leadership Foundations3 ch
Examines First Nations theories and models of leadership. Explores best practices for leadership at the individual and community levels and considers how to balance both traditional First Nations values and contemporary needs of First Nations communities.
ABRG3056Practicing Leadership in First Nations Community Projects3 ch

Exposes learners to leadership models in the context of diverse First Nations communities and national First Nations organizations. Prepares learners to initiate, plan, execute and close a leadership project.

ABRG3109Independent Studies3 ch

Students will normally be limited to 6 ch of independent study.

Prerequisite: Permission of an instructor is required before registration.

ABRG3114Introduction to Workplace Learning in First Nations Communities 3 ch
Provides learners with an appreciation of the origins and trends in workplace learning. The course examines the workplace as a learning environment. Various approaches to adult learning within the changing context of work will be examined with specific focus on First Nations communities.
ABRG3363Communications: Speaking Practice3 ch
Writing and presentation of a speech. Students prepare, present, analyze and criticize a variety of speeches, relating skills to classroom teaching (for students in the Bridging Year or BEd for First Nations only).
ABRG3682Kikuwosson/Wksitqamu: A land-based field course3 ch
Experience the inter-connected relationship Wabanaki people have had with the homelands since time immemorial. Students participate in cultural-based activities and learn about traditional Wabanaki food security, medicinal plants, spiritual connectivity to the land and Wabanaki land-based histories, languages and concepts. NOTE: Over 3 nights and 4 days, a small cohort of students stay at a camp in the woods. 
ABRG3684Aspects of Wolastoqey and Mi'kmaq Culture3 ch
Historical and contemporary perspectives on changes that have affected Mi'kmaq and Maliseet cultures and societies since the time of contact; emphasis on issues relating to education, economic development, spirituality, self-government, land claims.
ABRG3685Mi'kmaq Language I3 ch
Elements of Mi'kmaq: phonology, morphology, syntax. Field methods. Instructional materials and approaches.
ABRG3686Wolastoqey Language I3 ch

Elements of Maliseet: phonology, morphology, syntax. Field methods. Instructional materials and approaches.

Wolastoqey Language Version

ABRG3686Wolastoqey Latuwewakon I3 ch

'Ciw wen ketuwokehkimsit eluwehket wolastoqey latuwewakon, tan eltaqahk naka tan eluwikhasik. 'Ciw wen ketuwokisit naka ketuwewestaq.

Description of the course in English.

ABRG3688Contemporary Canadian First Nations Children’s Literature3 ch
Books for primary and elementary children written by Canadian First Nations authors. Examines the Indigenous voice in Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds in relation to traditional beliefs and current cultural concerns.
ABRG3695Mi'kmaq Language II3 ch

Further studies in Mi'kmaq.

Prerequisite: 3 ch in Mi'kmaq Language.

ABRG3696Wolastoqey Latuwewakon II3 ch

’Ciw wen keti ankuwokehkimsit wolastoqey latuwewakon, tahalu eluwikhasik, elewestuhtimok naka atkuhkewakonol. ’Ciw yukt kisi wihqehtuhtit ABRG 3686 , 3687 , kosona wolitahatok nutokehkikermit.

Description of the course in English.

ABRG3696Wolastoqey Language II3 ch

Second-level course in Maliseet, focused on syntax, conversation, storytelling.

Prerequisite: ABRG 3686 or ABRG 3687 or permission of instructor.

Wolastoqey Language Version

ABRG3922Technology in Governance and Leadership3 ch
Examines critically the use of software, hardware, and web-based services in First Nations community governance and leadership. The emphasis is on application of, and real-world issues surrounding, the Internet, productivity software, social media, as well as computer hardware and system maintenance in overcoming current technological and community administrative challenges.
ABRG4109Independent Studies3 ch

Students will normally be limited to 6 ch of independent study.

Prerequisite: Permission of an instructor is required before registration.

ABRG4194Peace and Friendship Treaties3 ch
Examines the reconciliation of Aboriginal rights with the modern Canadian state through the presentation of claims, and negotiation and adjudication of specific and comprehensive land claims agreements including recognition of Aboriginal self-government.
ABRG4664First Nations Entrepreneurship3 ch
An introduction to the theory behind successful entrepreneurship; principles and practical application of starting and maintaining a small business within a First Nations government. Guest speakers from local First Nations businesses, government agencies, funding institutions.
ABRG4665First Nations Perspectives and Organizational Behaviour3 ch
Introduction to the Medicine Wheel and how the values inherent in its teachings can be applied to groups, organizations, and communities. Students will relate ideas and concepts behind the Medicine Wheel to organizational structures in both mainstream and First Nations societies.
ABRG4675Mi'kmaq Language III3 ch
This third-level course will focus on Mi'kmaq language grammar, word and sentence formation in speaking and listening through storytelling, conversation and songs.
ABRG4676Mi'kmaq Language IV3 ch
This fourth level course will focus on Mi'kmaq vocabulary development, fluency in speech and literacy skills.
ABRG4686Wabanaki World Views3 ch

This course will introduce the Worldviews of the Wolastoqey, Mi’kmaq, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Nations. The values, beliefs, and ethics of the Wabanaki people will be explored in historical and contemporary contexts. Values and beliefs embedded within language, ceremonies, traditions, and institutional structures of Wabanaki people will be examined. 

ABRG4696Wolastoqey Language III3 ch

Focus on grammar, word and sentence formation, in speaking and listening, through storytelling, conversation, and songs.

Prerequisite: 6 ch in Wolastoqey Language or permission of instructor.

Wolastoqey Language Version

ABRG4696Wolastoqey Latuwewakon III3 ch

'Ciw yut wen keti ankuwi skicinuwatuwet naka wen keti piyemi woli ’sotok atkuhkakonol, mecimiw elewestuhtimkopon naka elewestuhtimok, kapiw ’kaneyal naka pileyal lintuwakonol. 'Ciw yukt kisi wihqehtuhtit kinaq neqcikotok, kosona wolitahatok nutokehkikemit.

Description of the course in English.

ABRG4697Wolastoqey Language IV3 ch

Focus on vocabulary development, fluency in speech, literacy skills. 

Wolastoqey Language Version

Prerequisite: 9 ch in Wolastoqey Language or permission of instructor.

ABRG4697Wolastoqey Latuwewakon IV3 ch

'Ciw yut wen keti ankuwi kcicihtaq skicinuwatuwewakon, pciliw eluwikhasik, wolama 'tawi olonuwatuwe. 'Ciw yukt kisi wihqehtuhtit kinaq neqcikotok cel epahsiw, kosona wolitahatok nutokehkikemit.

Description of the course in English.

ABRG103NStudy Skills Development I
ABRG104NStudy Skills Development II
ABRG105NSecondary Education I: English
ABRG106NSecondary Education II: Mathematics
ABRG107NSecondary Education III: Biology
ABRG108NSecondary Education IV: Chemistry
ABRG110NSecondary Education VI: Economics
ABRG109NSecondary Education V:Physics