Student Centres

Fredericton Campus 

Student Union Building 

The Student Union Building (SUB), completed in January 1969, is the result of student-administration cooperation. The cost was shared among the students of the University of New Brunswick, Saint Thomas University, and the former Teachers College, with the University of New Brunswick matching the student contribution.

The SUB houses the offices of several student groups and organizations. The University of New Brunswick student newspaper office and the student government offices for both UNB and STU are located in the office wing as well as CHSR-FM, the student radio station. In the main part of the building there is a meeting rooms, a lounge area (Blue Lounge), a large cafeteria, The Cellar Pub & Grill, the Welcome Centre, the 203 Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, the University Women's Centre, the Ballroom and the SUB Office (the main administrative office for the building). For the convenience of the students there are also several retail outlets such as a hair styling salon, automated banking machines, a sundry shop and an ATM.