Faculty Advisors 

  1. It is very important that students consult with their faculty in planning their program. 
  2. Faculty advisors are available to all students in the university, and are available for consultation during students' full stay on the campus.
  3. If students wish to see a faculty advisor they should contact their respective Faculty or Dean’s Office and ask to be assigned a faculty advisor. Each faculty has its own procedures for assigning students to faculty advisors.
  4. In the faculty of Science, academic advising is provided by the Dean or Associate Deans for the first two years, with individual advisors appointed when students select their major programs of study.
  5. In the Faculty of Arts, academic advising in the first two years is done primarily through the core ARTS 1000 course. ARTS 1000 tutorial leaders also provide academic advising. Students without an ARTS 1000 advisor will see an Associate Dean for counselling. When students select their field of study departmental advisors will be assigned.